Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cancer's Way to Stop Being Clingy

Let's take a look at Cancer's stats first:

Note that Cancers have 5 hearts (max) for being "Possessive".

You know how hard it is to let go? :(

Well, at least we're not that stubborn...

But we have pincers for a reason. TO CLING.

*Stares at Pincers* Sobs

Not to mention we're not very independent either...

And somehow every part of us that makes us a Cancer caused us to be emotional.


Okay so we're very romantic, very loyal, very possessive and very emotional.

Romantic part means that we're good at expressing our love for someone. We know how to make our special someone feels special.
Loyal means we are very faithful and not afraid of commitment.
Possessive means we want to know what our partner is doing and we get super jealous.
Emotional means we are irrational and makes decisions based on our emotions.

Up till now I haven't mentioned the main point yet, so how does a Cancer stop being clingy?
Answer: Ignore

Ignore that person and focus all your attention on other things, work, play, etc.

Well it's working apparently, but I'm not exactly extremely happy right now (however I seem to find back my calm point), and yah, I think I'm starting to become a bit sulky. >.<

And how good are we at when we're ignoring a person?
Pretty much okay. :)

We're not very inconsistent either, ignoring a person for a long time wouldn't be hard. :)
But this ignoring thing gets a bit emo... >.<

Just a while ago, I happened to find out that I'm a Cusp Horoscope because my birthday falls on the 21st July. Cusp dates are from 19th to 23rd.

Okay so this makes me a Cancer/Leo.

Let's take a look at Leo's stats:

Ah... We're still possessive... And even more stubborn. :\
Well at least we're more independent.

I didn't believe in horoscopes in the past, this all started when
someone made me do a personality test and I gave me a detailed description of what my personality type is like. After reading it, I felt that most of it fits me and some even explains things that I've no answer for.

That is where I started to get more interested in personality types because I want to know reasons for the things that I sometimes do which I could not even understand myself either.

And so, I started reading more on personality type (mostly my own) and I happened to stumbled on horoscopes compatibility on websites as well as blood type personalities on a forum. And this begins my journey on a whole new level.

Believing that the day we are born affects who we are.

And this drives my crazy sometimes. I've got to stop it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peiwen's Birthday Present

A wristband with her name~ :3

Her birthday was on 23rd March but we only gave it to her on 10th May.
Wow, what a late birthday present... :X

This was the first time in years I wrapped a present up so painstakingly. Haven't gotten this feeling for a long time. The feeling of treating someone's present with utmost importance and care.

Well of course I have to treat it with care. It's Peiwen's present~ :3

And so on that day, I was sick, very sick, running a high fever in fact (that I didn't realise myself). Despite that, Mus & I waited for Peiwen to return back to class after our lessons ended because she was wondering off somewhere again.

But well at least we saw her, and gave her the present. The waiting was worth it. :3
Although it did made my fever indirectly raised to 39.1 degrees. :X

And then Peiwen saw our game idea about Fruits VS Vegetables, then she gave the idea of putting a chestnut in. Noessssssss...

What the hell is a chestnut?
A Fruit? A Vegetable? Or A Nut??? And it's hairy. :(


Saturday, May 15, 2010

I just want to type...

Sometimes during a week, I'll plan in my head what I can write here. But ended up when I actually felt like updating the blog, I can't really recall what I wanted to type.

Anyways, I just feel like typing something. One of my homework has some relations to typing blog entries but somehow I can't seem to find the brief for it... So oh well... >.<

Things thus far,

I guess I'm adapting well to my Group Leader role. Except for the occasional demands of wanting salary and coffee from my group members. And recently one of my friends went nuts and kept bugging me with "stupid" issues like wanting more work to do for our group studio project...

What's his freaking problem? I'm sick for first half of the week, can't you let me rest a little? =.=

And I think my emotions are stable nowadays. Haven't being giving me much of a problem lately.

Have I finally seen light in my life???


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weird Curve

I've no idea how to explain this.
But the main point is I drew this with "Paint" and it represents my feelings...

I know it seems pretty extreme but yes, that's pretty much how I feel nowadays; either I'm very happy or I'm very emo. Simple.

I can go high all of a sudden (for a reason of course, the usual pw stuffs most of the times), and emo the next moment (cause my game idea got rejected twice and there was a day I was so upset I slept early for the first time in N years)...

But I guess... Life goes on... And it might be getting better... :)

Ps: MS Paint is my new non-living thing best friend. XD (If I put it as my "new best friend", my cat best friend will get angry with me. :P)