Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peiwen's Birthday Present

A wristband with her name~ :3

Her birthday was on 23rd March but we only gave it to her on 10th May.
Wow, what a late birthday present... :X

This was the first time in years I wrapped a present up so painstakingly. Haven't gotten this feeling for a long time. The feeling of treating someone's present with utmost importance and care.

Well of course I have to treat it with care. It's Peiwen's present~ :3

And so on that day, I was sick, very sick, running a high fever in fact (that I didn't realise myself). Despite that, Mus & I waited for Peiwen to return back to class after our lessons ended because she was wondering off somewhere again.

But well at least we saw her, and gave her the present. The waiting was worth it. :3
Although it did made my fever indirectly raised to 39.1 degrees. :X

And then Peiwen saw our game idea about Fruits VS Vegetables, then she gave the idea of putting a chestnut in. Noessssssss...

What the hell is a chestnut?
A Fruit? A Vegetable? Or A Nut??? And it's hairy. :(


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