Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weird Curve

I've no idea how to explain this.
But the main point is I drew this with "Paint" and it represents my feelings...

I know it seems pretty extreme but yes, that's pretty much how I feel nowadays; either I'm very happy or I'm very emo. Simple.

I can go high all of a sudden (for a reason of course, the usual pw stuffs most of the times), and emo the next moment (cause my game idea got rejected twice and there was a day I was so upset I slept early for the first time in N years)...

But I guess... Life goes on... And it might be getting better... :)

Ps: MS Paint is my new non-living thing best friend. XD (If I put it as my "new best friend", my cat best friend will get angry with me. :P)

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