Sunday, June 20, 2010

F.I.R. It's My Live Singapore Promotions

The 2nd Beautiful Thing that happened:

F.I.R. came to Singapore to promote their latest concert "It's My Live".

(You didn't think I changed my banner for nothing? :))

I attended their press conference together with the fan club at Orchard Cineleisure Kbox (The same place I went the previous time to join in the crowd for ToGetHer Promotions) on 18th June 2010 (Fortunately I have no school).

But as compared to the previous time, this time round was much better. They have chairs and tables.

And they provided food and drink as well lols (for the media).

So when I was waiting for them to come, I took out... A book to read? o.o

Suddenly had this peaceful feeling when I was listening to their songs that Kbox was playing, so I was able to read. Don't think that reading a book while waiting for them is because I don't care. Their songs just made me calm, that's all. :)

And so... They came...

I like Faye's hair. X3

They were chatting...

And laughing...

Ian was really funny on that day.

He revealed that the concert's selling point is that he will be singing solo for the first time.

Then he quickly came up with explanations why producers do not attempt to sing (unless it's a request from the fans), like for example, previously two Singaporean producers (they are brothers) recorded an album whereby they attempted to sing, and ever since then, they did not dare to produce any more of their own album.

After that, he said about the strength of F.I.R., they have the prettiest female rock singer.
The best singer guitarist whom can write songs as well. If they don't believe that Ah Qin is good, try asking the guitarist from Mayday to sing. Haha!

Zoom in on Faye.
Didn't take her zoom in photos this time round except for this one.

And after zooming out, I took another shot again.
Haha. Just to show how busy I was taking photos. And playing with the camera functions. :X

Initially we were all standing at the back, then as time goes by, we started moving closer and closer to the front. XD

Faye playing with her facial expressions. X3
She always does that! Haha! Cute~

Then they posed in front of their autographed banner.

Taking a last shot of their autographed banner at Kbox before leaving the room.

Now I know where Kbox gets so many of their autographed banners from (especially at Orchard Cineleisure).

After that, I went with the fan club. They wanted to wait for F.I.R. to come out (after the one to one interview with other media) but ended up they didn't wait.

Then we moved to a food court, sat down and chat. Some of us grabbed some things to eat and drink.

And moved on to Kino because some of them wanted to look at... Japanese guys. :X

I was wondering at the start why the girls in the fan club were so interested in World Cup, ended up, it's only because the soccer players are good-looking... :X

Oh and then, they went to wait for F.I.R. at their hotel... And I went home... Intending to do my homework... But... But... Oh well, it's still not done... =.=

The next day, 19th June 2010 at Jurong Point 2 for their concert ticket autograph session.

Before that I was thinking whether should I go because I was a little lazy and didn't felt like going out. Oh what fun would I have missed out if I didn't go! XD

Besides it's only JP, pretty "near" my house. Not exactly near but yah, still near. Haha...

Snap shot at the banner before they came.

Meanwhile throughout the whole autograph session, I was playing with my camera functions. Actually only one of the functions, something about ISO. And after setting it, my camera was able to take super clear photos!!! XD

Wee~ Guess all those GC lessons didn't go to waste.

And so... They came...

Really close shot cause I was standing directly behind the barrier on the right, which is near to the stairs to go up onto the stage. :)

The position that I'm standing at will come in handy to me soon~

Faye listening to something I presume?
Gosh I couldn't remember a lot of things that happened. That's what happens when you are too busy taking photos.

Looking THIS (my) way. :)

Thought I should give the DJ some credit for hosting this ticket autograph session.
Although most of the times when she's asking questions to give away posters, she isn't looking at my direction. I pity us who are standing at the right side of the stage (near JP2 entrance).

Ah yes... I think... Looking me way again? X3

Then Faye suddenly looked up.
I was wondering cause we were at an open space (not inside the shopping mall), so are there people above???

I turned my head to look at the direction she was looking at, and saw people who were inside the restaurant on the 2nd level looking down at them. Actually they were on the balcony of the restaurant, otherwise they might not hear the sound that's coming from outside~

The DJ mentioned that Ah Qin is good at impersonating others and would he include that in the concert?
So Ah Qin started impersonating and singing Andy Lau's song.

Yes, yes! Looking me way again!
But Faye, why are you so shocked? o.o

After the interview on stage, they proceeded to on stage games. Special privileges given to fans who are more special. So they get more than just a poster.

Initially the DJ was asking who had bought a lot of tickets and they were invited on stage.

After that when not a lot people are willing to raise their hands and come onto the stage, the DJ started asking whose birthday is on 9th July (the day of their concert). Apparently there's no one, but I think I know someone who is born on that day, but she's not there.

So... The DJ asked... Who is born in July?

And I don't know why... My hand... Raised on its own. >.< (No I mean I am born in July but I didn't know why I wanted to go on stage... It just... Came up on its own... >.<)

And guess what? The DJ spotted me? Nah, told you she didn't look at my direction.

It was Ah Qin who spotted me raising my hand and told the DJ that there is someone over there as well when she was looking at the opposite direction. And so I was invited on stage.

And gulps. Nervous.









可是当时却只记得“你的微笑”的歌词那么的一点,又暂时忘记“Fly Away”的旋律。。。>.<






其实,在台上,一直能看到Faye在我眼角的一边。(From the corner of my right eyes, I can still see her image there...)










在签票之前,他们也有唱歌哦~ ^^




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