Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been bathing earlier... O.O

Cause I got traumatised by horror movies so much that I am unable to bathe in the middle of the night. Horror scenes like to take place in the bathroom... You know?

Other than that, I was having some "Windows XP" problems...

Hey, it's not me. It's someone else. I was so familiar with Windows XP. If any problems surface, just reformat it. XD I know the process of reinstalling Windows XP so well that it's at the back of my head.

Ah~ The good old times when I used to spend hours REINSTALLING my dear old computer (which is officially dead now... I did not killed it. It just... Died? >.<).

Anyway, before I go sending the ISO to others to help her, I have to make sure that it can work. So a friend told me to test it out on Virtual Box and ta-da~

I've got Windows XP on my Windows Vista!!! ^^

That virtual Windows XP feels kind of fast. Must be because it didn't have so many other junk programs. And it's running on a faster ram and a much much much better CPU.

Other than, other than that, waist-pain, stomach-pain, tripping over my laptop cable, getting pissed off by noises made by inconsiderate neighbours outside the house, addicted to Digimon Season 1~

ED2 for Digimon Season 1 is better than ED1 XD

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