Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Think That...

To think that I actually thought of not supporting F.I.R. cause I am supporting too many artists. (Heavy expanses if I'm gonna buy all the albums...)

This happened 2 to 3 years ago I think, when I bought their previous album, "Love Diva (爱。歌姬)" and was quite disappointed with the songs inside. Now that I'm listening to the songs from "Love Diva" again, there are actually quite a lot of good songs inside.

Especially Love This:

F.I.R. - 爱过
Go to 2.59 and listen to Faye's amazing voice~ :)

Maybe because I didn't quite like the songs' style in "Love Diva" and there are a few songs that are pretty noisy to me which decrease my re-playability for them.

So I told myself, I'm going to look at their next album before I made my decision. And their latest album, "Let's Smile~" is total awesomeness!

Plus because of this:

I was on stage singing with Faye? ^^
(Credits to OurVoiceBox, thanks for your photo, you made my day! ^^)

No wonder I can still see her from the corner of my eyes, I'm literally looking at her~ XD

Didn't notice that, was scared... *Shivers*
See, I'm holding the mic with 2 hands cause it's kinda heavy, especially when you're scared...

And so to think that I actually thought of not supporting them, now I'm missing them, especially Faye, almost Faye, only Faye? :P

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  1. hey!nice photos:) F.I.R rocks!!:D