Sunday, August 22, 2010

F.I.R. "It's My Live" Singapore Concert 2010

I sure took my time to post, 1 and a half month late but I wanna post, I just don't have the time. Life was pretty hectic before and after their concert, busy rushing out assignments.

Before I talk about their concert, there's a few significant things that happened before their concert which I have to say.

Firstly, I went to attend a classical concert due to a module requirement. Inside the concert hall, everything was so quiet, I feel guilty even when I'm cracking my fingers/neck. ._.

During the concert itself, I decided to entertain myself by reading the concert details pamphlet, because I don't really know how to appreciate that kind of music either. So I figured, these kind of music goes well with reading. ^-^

Contrast classical concert to pop music concert~ XD

Secondly, okay well not exactly secondly, I'm already heading near towards the starting of their concert. So on that actual day itself, the concert starts at 8pm, at around 6 pm I was still at school...

I was at school all this time, discussing with my lecturer on the topic that I had to present soon, "Numbers". So somehow we managed to link "Numbers" to question of our existence and lalala, lots of other philosophical stuffs.

Well on that day itself, I found out an answer to a question that had been bugging me for quite a few days. Because my friend was questioning about Maths logic, that Maths can be wrong because it's created by humans and humans are never perfect, they make human errors all the time.

Well Maths can be wrong but the foundation of Maths, "Numbers" will never be wrong because the thing at the initial start never changes no matter what drastic changes take places at the end.

Okay back to topic, so basically I was at school, then I had dinner at school and sort of rushed to Stadium MRT station and I was about half an hour late? ._.

Best. I went to the wrong place to queue to get inside Singapore Indoor Stadium. I didn't know that my seats were on the first level so I had to enter the stadium from the first level, I happily took the escalator up and oops, the person told me to go down to enter in again.

My head was all mixed up that day because I had too many things weighting my mind. =.=

Ah, so I got into the stadium and fortunately the concert hadn't started but well, I was afraid that F.I.R. might appear on the stage soon so I didn't went to buy the concert merchandise.

I did try to find but I can't find the counter that was selling their merchandise. :X

Sobs. Life regret.
And Faye was selling her lip balm that she specially made...

And so after a while, some unknown band came out. Okay I shall put this nicely. They didn't control their volume properly and I was sitting at the very front so their music was blasting so loud, it hurt my ears.

And maybe after 45 mins or more after 8pm passed, F.I.R. came out? :3

I took out my jacket for some reason. I thought it would be cold. But oh well, the front isn't that cold cause it's kind of cramped.

I specially didn't bring my digital camera on that day because I want to enjoy the concert to the fullest and not focus on snapping photos. But others around me were all busy snapping photos at the very start. So I couldn't help it and snap "a few".

While they are lesser compared to the quantity that I could take if I had my digital camera because my hp camera takes some times to process the taken photo.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed myself that day. And I'm glad I didn't bring my digital camera cause that will weight me down... When I... Get... High~! XD

See I was right in front of their eyes. There are near no one to block my view. Well, except for the fan club members who are sitting on the first row.

Because we all stood up.

Because the older fan club members stood up and we sort of followed suit. To add on, I ended up standing up for almost throughout the whole concert.

I felt I was exercising at that concert~ Haha. XD

And this makes me like concerts even more. Well provided the concerts are by artistes that I love.

Before that they were passing the white light sticks that the fan club had helped us to buy. I only figured later that they want us to buy white light sticks to suit F.I.R.'s theme because one of F.I.R.'s merchandise was white light sticks too but the stadium forbid the fans to use that because it's too long, so I'm glad I got my shorter light stick. ^^

But initially at the start, we were having doubts whether the light stick was white. But yup, it's white. Well that's only after F.I.R. prepares to appear on stage and the stage shore some different coloured light down and the white light sticks turned from purplish to white. XD

I don't have much recollection of the concert even after 1 day had passed after the concert. Not to mention after 1 and a half month had passed. Lols. Too busy. :X
But anyway, Faye went to the back so that Ah Qin and Jian Ning Lao Shi can come to the front to show off their keyboard and guitar skills~ XD

They started off with a fiery theme, with really rock songs, and I got slightly high straight at the very start. I even jumped up and down through the whole concert till the sides of my stomach hurts.

That's why I said attending concert feels like exercising to me. XD
But you have to be at the very front to be high!!! XD

After the fiery trio part, F.I.R. appeared on stage individually.

The outfit that Faye changed into shocked me.
But you know something? She looked like an Angel with that white dress and mist floating around her.
And if I didn't remember wrongly, Faye did sang "Angel" as well.

Holy Angel Faye~ ^o^

The mist starts to disappear and the light starts to dim as Faye prepares for more series of songs.

She gets really engrossed when she sings, doesn't she? :3

Next, it's Ah Qin's turn to solo.
He finally has the chance to perform to his heart desires. :)

And because of the songs that he sang that day. He made me take notice of some of the songs that he wrote and sang for his solo album. And I can't get enough of those songs~ XD

圣堂之门,梵谷的左耳,光荣时刻,南极星~ XD

And next, *Drums Roll*, Jian Ning Lao Shi performs his first ever solo song!!!

He kept us in suspense though. Playing on the piano for a few songs while others help him to sing.

Finally, he opens his mouth to sing. He was so worried about it previously at the press conference but he did a great job in singing. ^^

Next, it's back to trio performance again. Actually wait it's more like duo because Jian Ning Lao Shi has to go back stage to change to a new suit.

Faye appears on stage sitting on a rock. Cute outfit. :3

Just when I think she's going to sit there for quite some time.
Oh wait, I'm wondering if I'm even thinking at there. Haha...
Too engrossed~ ^^

She got up and start swaying to the music.

If I didn't remember wrongly at around this part, she said something that she will sing “雨樱花” because she knows we love it. Then I was "How did you know?", touched in my head (and heart).

Then the special guest appears, Stephanie Sun. Well I'm not exactly a fan of her so when F.I.R. was still on stage I continued standing but after Stephanie Sun was the only one on stage, I sat down and rest.

There's a guy beside me, if I didn't remember wrongly, he asked whether he can borrow my light stick when Stephanie Sun was having solo performance on stage. You're here to support F.I.R. or her? =.= And he's from the fan club if I'm not wrong...

Oh well, I didn't lend him.

Anyway, back to story. It appears Stephanie Sun's birthday was just around the corner. And F.I.R. prepared a surprise for her. When Stephanie Sun was about to prepare to sing the next song, a birthday song unexpectedly plays instead of the song that she was expecting.

Faye took out a cake to give her. But she told her that this cake is a little special, it can't be eaten but it can be kept up to 2 years. It's a soap cake. ^^

Hey, my birthday is around the corner at that time of the concert too, the concert was on 9th July 2010~

First Faye and Stephanie Sun sang “天黑黑” followed by Venus.

After that F.I.R. went backstage to prepare and change into their next suit as Stephanie Sun takes the stage and performed a few songs to the audiences.

F.I.R. was intending to make this concert story-like, so they had video snippets throughout the whole concert.

This was one of it. The story was near the ending I guess, they finally found the thing that they were searching for in their journey.

And bombs F.I.R. appears on stage again.

Faye was so high, she decided that high heels were hindering her as she jumps. She decides to take them off. She's jumping bare foot! XD
Well okay, in this photo she's posing.
And I drew a sketch based on this photo in my previous blog entry. ^^

After singing a song without her shoes on, a stage worker passed her slippers to wear. She took it and ask if these are from the hotel~ Haha!

Ah Qin and Jian Ning Lao Shi at the front again as Faye goes to the back. I remembered Faye saying that “老师,你终于跳了。” when they were getting to near the high part of the concert (for me and her). ^^

Another clear photo of Faye. :3 I like this outfit~

While they were singing “冲浪季节”, in the actual song itself, Ah Qin snatches the mic over to sings the song but sadly he didn't do that for the the live version otherwise it would have been really fun.

Anyway after this outfit (okay I remember concert segments by the outfits they were wearing), F.I.R. bowed at fans from the left, right and front and goes down the stage slowly.

End of concert? Nah.

At this point of time, we are supposed to keep shouting "encore" until they appear on stage again. XD

And I did it willingly without any complains, although my phone rang halfway (spoiled the mood a little plus it's too loud so I can't hear anything that's coming from the other side of the phone line).

Comparing this to the classical concert that I went, we had to clapped after every song, wait for the pianist to walks in and walks out again (during the whole process we're supposed to keep clapping).

Well all I can say the feeling is different when you clap for someone whom you appreciate their talents and you really like them as compared to someone you barely know.

I clapped more, jumped more, cheered more for F.I.R.'s concert but I found the clapping for the classical concert to be more tiring lols.

And I enjoy swaying to the music as compared to sitting down and listen attentively to the concert without moving a muscle.

Anyway after shouting for "encore" near 5 minutes, bombs F.I.R. appears on stage again. ^^

This time with a new outfit and Faye's hair is short~ Haha~ :3

Well this time it's really "Good-Bye", or maybe not? Part 2 Below. ^^

Anyway I mentioned at the very start, some unknown group blasted music and made my ears hurt. But it was different for F.I.R.'s concert. They controlled the volume well and Faye's voice is pleasant to the ears~ ^^

I can remember the after part of the concert more clearly for some reason, look at the photo below and you'll understand.

Yay! Group photo with F.I.R.!
We booked vans and followed them to the restaurant where they celebrates the success of their concert.

We took 2 photos but F.I.R. blog did not publish the 1st photo that we took with them.
And yes I've no idea how I managed to squeeze to the front again. ^^

I'm just behind Jian Ning Lao Shi, I know my face is kind of small...

For the first photo that we took, as I was right behind Jian Ning Lao Shi, I said “老师有点高”, cause I was totally block by his tall figure. So he grabbed a chair and sat in front of us instead. Haha Ah Qin followed suit. They looked like "old man" when they did that because they were the only ones who sat on chair.

Then Faye said something that she's short thus she doesn't need to sit on a chair.

After we took the 1st photo, a few of the fan club members who went to withdraw money (thinking that they had to spend money if they were to eat at the restaurant that F.I.R. were at) came back and we hurriedly took another photo when we told the manager that they didn't had a chance to take a group photo with F.I.R.

Thus the 2nd photo where Lao Shi and Ah Qin are no longer sitting on chairs.

After taking photos, I saw some of the older fan club members hugging or chatting with Faye, that compelled me to go towards Faye and shake hands with her. As I was shaking hands with her I told her that “你不算矮啊,我跟你差不多一样高”.

Faye looked at me and replied that “你还比我高”. So cute. :3
Girl, you're cuter if you're short. :3

Then some other fan club members wanted to shake hands with her but she went the other side and head upstairs (while we were downstairs). Sobs for them.

And so we went in to the restaurant. Not daring to order anything expensive. Afterwards we were told that Faye was going to treat us. And her manager helped us to order things to eat when we can't decide what to eat. (Being humble...)

One of the things that Faye treated us, Black Pepper Crab!
Not the one that we eat, credits to 小村's facebook for the photo.
But I'm assuming it's the same black pepper crab~

Aww... It's so delicious! But I couldn't finish the 2nd piece that I took (greedy... *Looks to the left and right*) because we had to rush off as it was really late, already past midnight. My phone kept ringing... ._.

I haven't ate crab for a long time... Lalala~ ^^

Anyway, their manager came down quite a few times to check our condition. One fan club member voiced out about the event that they had which was calling fans during their birthday month, so we ended up writing our names and birthday on a piece of paper with a pen that I provided.

I frantically took out the paper... ._. Worried that I might ended up passing some scribbles that we wrote for group work. Lols I gave them A3 paper somemore. XD

And the manager went away with my pen, she almost forget to return to me, I was thinking that if she really forgets about returning the pen, I'll just treat it as a present to F.I.R., besides it has my name "Carrot" on it. XP

But oh well, she remembers about it and returns me the pen.

(They didn't call after all but I already got the best present from them. ^^)

And after having supper treated by Faye! Thanks Faye! ^o^

We went home. The chicken drumstick was nice too by the way. Haha...

I shared taxi with a few of the fan club members that stayed near my area.

After I reached home and bathed, it was already around 3+am. But somehow I had the urge to write a letter to Faye. Before that, I was saying I might as well head to the airport straight instead of going home since it's that late already. Besides we were sending F.I.R. off at the airport at 9am the next day.

Considering the place I live at, I'll need about 1 hour plus just to travel to the airport.

And so I started to write a really long letter to Faye. Really, really long. I typed it out first before writing it down on paper. It was around 1 and a half pages full of Chinese words on a foolscape paper (it's too long, I can't write it on a blank piece of cartridge paper... T.T).

After that, somehow I felt like drawing for Faye (or I already felt like giving her a drawing before that?).

And so the letter... Without the words... :P

Lols. No. I didn't give her this drawing.
This is the "lovely" face from sgclub. It's just the front of the envelop cause I felt that it's too empty.
Apparently my envelop is A5 size cause that's the last one that I had left.
Oh well, it fitted perfectly for...

This. A drawing of Faye with an outfit that she wore during the concert that I liked. ^^

And so I slept at 5+am-6am. And I woke up at around 6.45am. I went to the airport afterwards.

I felt like I was living on steroids on that day. Where did I get that energy (or determination I shall say) to wake up after sleeping for around 1 hour and rush to the airport. Was it... Because I want to see them again... Especially her? :)

About half an hour after we arrived, F.I.R. came. However one of the fan club members were late, luckily she made it in time. ^^

Anyway, when they came and prepared to check in, Faye and Jian Ning Lao Shi took turns to talk to us.

First Faye came over to us and I talked to her! XD
Oops, but I said something wrong again, as usual...

I think I asked her whether is she okay because she wore a mask when she came over to us.

I asked what time she slept yesterday. She slept at 5am cause she went to the casino to play and won some money. Faye ah... Grats for her. ^^

And I asked her about the concert merchandise cause I didn't had a chance to buy. She told me to talk to 小村 but I was unable to stay till that time to see him come to the airport cause I was simply too tired. Plus I wasn't able to get her lip balm sobs. She said something about giving each of us a small soap that she's going to make for the next event though~ ^^

And oh yah, she's pretty close to us, and I was at the front again. Haha. When I was talking to her, I stared at her finger nails for a while, sparkling~

I think when I chatted with her even my voice turned cute cause she's just too cute!!! ^^

Lastly, she asked us whether hamigua looks like her. I was like "Er... Not really..." (In Chinese, I think that's what I said). Anyway I said the wrong thing cause hamigua is her younger sister...
Said the wrong thing X1

Oh yah, when they came, we passed them the letters we wrote to them to Faye. One girl said she took 3 hours to write 3 letters in traditional Chinese cause she was really tired. I told her I took 3 hours to write one letter. O.O

The writing of the letter took longer than drawing the sketch amazingly. Must be because I've been drawing regularly in the A5 sketckbook that my lecturer gave us.

And so Jian Ning Lao Shi came over and said something about it doesn't take long to travel to the airport (because we left very late yesterday), I was like "No..." O.O And one fan club member explained that some of us stayed at the west that's why it took longer for us.

And then he asked if F.I.R. were going to have a concert at Malaysia will we come? I said "No!" straight away. That's a fast response for someone who is slow...
Said the wrong thing X2

But I think I wanna go now. If I'm free from school and work cause I wanna go there to grab the merchandise that I didn't bought!!!

And after they finally managed to check in their luggage after quite a while due to I-Don't-Know what problem. While because of that we had a longer time to chat with them~^^


Yay! Another group photo with F.I.R., credits to the manager who took it with one fan club member's camera (no idea whose).
This time, I'm right behind Ah Qin. Wonders when I'll have the chance to be right behind Faye~ X3
Oh and Faye took out her mask when we took the photo.

Before they left, Faye hi-five with all of us. *Palm and palm~ :3*

Then we followed them till we can't cross the border and follow them anymore.

Before that Faye waved with us with both arms and I waved back with both arms~
Aww~ So fun~ Haha!!! XD

And I went with the fan club for breakfast. Someone was complaining about how slow I ate the soup noodles. Sobs...

And I think the noodles wasn't that nice either anyway. Airport nia.

I wanted to stay back initially to wait for the rest of the F.I.R. backstage crew to come and ask about the merchandise thingy, but I couldn't stay awake. I was too tired. So I went home and something "interesting" happened on the MRT.

Two of the fan club members went back with me, one of them left after a few stops and the other was leaving around the same area as me so it's still a long way. She took a seat and sat down and slept (and she even slept more than me the night before... =.='''), kids these days (younger than me)...

And so I alighted at City Hall/Raffles Place to transfer to the red line, lesser people, more seats.

And the interesting thing happened when I fell asleep at a corner in the MRT.

At Yishun I think I saw everybody leaving the train and I was sleeping in the train. When I regained conscious (lols knock out), I stared at the board and it says the train is heading back towards Raffles Place which is the direction that I came from. O.O

So I went around looking for the emergency button to press. After I found one and pressed it, the train commuter (or whatever it's term is) found me and make the train head back to Yishun.

I got off at Yishun from the driver's cabin. Lots of first for me on that day. Haha...

Then I waited for the next train to come. Head back home and officially knock out. End of story. :)

Wait what story. This is based on real events. No joke. I really went to F.I.R.'s concert and got stuck in a train that is heading back the direction that I came!!!


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  2. Haha. Okay I changed le. You read the whole thing? Near 4k words~ :3