Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Happenings in Life!

Despite how much I complained about modelling to all my friends around me, this YOG holiday is quite eventful. There's a few new things happening around me.


I cut my hair. The photo isn't that clear because it's taken from the mirror reflection. Well but obviously there's lesser hair covering my face now cause I snipped them off. XD

I'm wearing Jolin's cap cause well... Okay I think I agree with the rest that I look better with my old hair. And my face look kinda weird when I took photos of myself with my new shorter hair...

But I got so irritated by my fringe and my hair on the right side of my face that's blocking about two third of my vision... -.- So I chopped them off. My hair can be even shorter though. :D
Those who knew me back in primary school should know. :)

Oh well, anyway, look at the album on my hands!

Jolin finally released her latest album!!! ^O^

Singapore is selling Taiwan's pre-order version C!
Jolin's look for this version is sooooooo prettttttyyyyyyyy~ ^^

And they gave a free big big pictorial book too~! ^^
I'm assuming it's A3 size, so when you opened the book up, it's A2 size!

Back cover of the pictorial book.
Jolin had photo shots of 2 different clothings + make up for the pictorial book, but the pictorial book showcases more images of the greenish-blackish-whitish-yellowish dress she is wearing in the image above this~ ^^

You know something? When I was looking at the pictorial book, I love it so much I couldn't bare to put it down. This is the image that I spent most of my time staring at~
But the glare... At the top right hand corner... Jolin is fading to whiteness!!!

Anyway, she looks really pretty close up.
I estimated the size of Jolin's face in some of the photos in the pictorial book; I guess they are roughly real life size, maybe a bit bigger though. ^^ Happy~

This is another photo that I love! And it's less glaring~ ^^

Her tattoo is so clear in this photo, I finally have a clear photo of the tattoo on her left arm~ ^^
*Jots down another line in the list of to-do-things in mind, "Sketching Jolin's Tattoo"*

Oops! Showing too many of the photos in the pictorial book...

I usually display my favourite album at the moment in my cupboard.
*Shifts other albums aside and place Jolin's "Myself" at the very front~ ^^*

Okay I figured I'm not looking any good on photo, so I might as well just take my reflection on Jolin's "Myself" album's back. I like this album's casing by the way, pretty~ And shiny~ ^^

I bought "Myself" last Friday, up till now, I've been spending almost everyday listening to Jolin's album over and over again.









JOLIN 蔡依林 Myself 概念專輯 預購廣告


蔡依林 美人計- 華納official HQ官方版MV

看美人计的MV时,心里在想,Jolin 机器人突然不听指挥自己动了起来会是怎样?



蔡依林 玩愛之徒- 華納official HQ官方版MV

MV 看到马克赛不要惊讶哦,是故意的。:)


蔡依林 無言以對-華納official HQ官方版MV



蔡依林 Myself 2010概念專輯 無言以對 CF



“娘子汉”- 听公主把自己称为“娘子”真的是一种新的感觉。
公主给我的感觉真的又Man又温柔~ ^^

“黑发尤物” - 公主是在形容自己吗?
歌词里的“数只数只 纸老虎?请别来 塔山装酷”很上口~ ^^

“派大星” - 很明显是公主的本性!公主超爱派对的!



外加,discman 音乐的素质比较好。

Anyway, Faye's birthday is just around the corner, 2 more days in fact~ ^^

Thus, there's a contest for fans to participate in.
To make a birthday card for Faye, and there's a price to be given as well.
Well actually all I wanted was to make a birthday card for Faye and put it in my portfolio. ^^

Talking about portfolio, I'm glad this YOG holiday I managed to do some stuffs (whether willing or not) which can be placed in my portfolio. :)

Well, the card that I did for Faye is definitely willingly,
Quoted from Digimon, "You do it because you want to, if you don't want to you can don't do it".

And ta-da~! A Bear Card for Faye!

I painstakingly colour the card with my mouse again, staying up late and waking early in the process. Hopefully Faye can feel the effort I put in to do this.

And they are bears! Bears!!! They are not dogs! T.T

Credits to Photoshop. Thankfully there's a shape tool so I don't have to draw so many circles~ ^^

Mentioning about birthdays...

It's Jae's birthday today! Happy Birthday Jae! ^^
She's a really nice lecturer whom is not stingy with her compliments. You know how Singaporeans are, they rarely praise so having Jae around is really encouraging~ ^^

Other than that, Jolin's birthday is nearing too!

And lastly, Li Yi's birthday is around the corner too~ Now what does my cat friend wants as a present? Hand-made card too? :3 Or she prefers something more practical...

The last thing before I end yet another long entry.

Rainie is coming to Singapore for her first ever concert! It took me a really long time to find someone to go with me but I finally found someone to go with me. So glad! I want the best seats!

Excited for the concert! ^^

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