Sunday, August 29, 2010

Terminal 1

Photo not by me, credits to:

And I just realised this is a photo of terminal 2. Lols. Anyway point being that I had a nostalgic feeling when I was at the airport, regardless of which terminal, but especially so at Terminal 1.

I went to the airport this morning to send my aunty's 7 years maid off, seeing the number of people that sent her off, you can guess how good her personality is. :) And she made a promise to my aunty's family to come back again for next year Chinese New Year. So good-bye isn't really good-bye after all.

But that scene... And that place... And that timing (Urgh early in the morning but I'm energetic~ ^^)...

Reminds me of the time when I send F.I.R. off at Changi Airport. Twice. :)

I miss Faye Faye~ ^^

From Faye's facebook~
I'm thinking that Faye Faye is getting cuter and cuter~ ^^

And it's her birthday recently so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! o^O^o

Wonders if she read my card yet. ^^

Oh and erm... After coming home, I was so tired, flops onto sofa and fell asleep. No work done for today yet. T^T

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