Sunday, August 8, 2010

Woots! Finally I got the time to post~ ^^

Well, that took me long enough.

Mainly because I was TOO BUSY with my school work. I had been meaning to post for quite some time but I can't find the time, most probably because my brain was too preoccupied with school work as well... T^T

Busy Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~~~~~

Firstly, what the heck was I doing? I can't recall actually. I only remembered I wanted to post about F.I.R.'s "It's My Live" concert after I attended it on 9th July.

But I guess I was overtired again -> Long story made short.

Busy with... HTI presentation and on one of the days when I was waiting for Zi He to do his part for the powerpoint slides, I helped out with a Games Design workshop where primary school students came, and they're from Keming. ^^

But I don't recognise them, of course, it has been X years since I graduated...

Oh yah, other than that, doing lots of work hmmm...
The recent one that caused me to have sleepless night is:

My cute & beloved Gomamon 3D model~! ^^
(Credits to Maya 2009, reference images from Wikipedia)

The reason why I had sleepless night doing this is because I spent extra 2 days helping my friends out with other work. @_@

So originally I already spent 3 days working on that work, and I had to spent 2 extra days to help out my friends who had problems with it. But honestly, I quite enjoy doing it. It's scripting, and debugging Panda3D's script problem is fun~ :D

Basically, this is the fruit of my labour:

A space station made of blue glass~ XD

And yes, you can navigate around with it, my job is not as simple as dumping the whole model into the program and hoping that it can move on its own. :P

Apparently, modelling is part of this assignment as well, which includes texturing, and to make our life difficult, our lecturer prefers us to make our own textures. Fortunately I found photoshop tutorials on textures that I like. ^^

But modelling this is so much easier than modelling Gomamon cause it's not that organic and the main point is, modelling is not the main point. Lols. XD

So we have to make 3 animated objects and I have a:
- Orbiting box which is supposed to give light to the room as it orbits but actually it's more like an orbiting box following a pivoting light. :P
- A roof changing texture from the space station colour to the sky colour and back again.
- A pair of moving doors which you can control to make them move or pause. :)

And we have to make camera navigation (took me quite a long time to figure it out) and camera collision (don't really get it but I found super short codes online for camera collision~ ^^, and my senior helped me to solve an error with that codes, it's missing (), thanks Wesley!).

In conclusion, my space station ended up kind of bouncy when you move around cause my collision detection includes pushing camera away if it bangs against something, and my space station is probably one of the smallest you can ever find, but it still looks cool nonetheless~ XP

Oh and before I forget, INTERIM 2. O.O

Things went quite smoothly again I guess (at least for the part that I did), and we were the first group~ Wee~ XD More time for lecturers to give their comments. We went in for like near 1 hour.

Joint critique 1 is right after school reopen and it's on 31st August, hopefully we're near the front again, so I can go back to Kranji during the break because it's Teachers' Day Celebrations~!!!

The most fun part for Interim 2 is Mus & I went on RuneScape and took 2 videos to show RuneScape's environment and some of its features which can be used in our studio project game. Kind of funny; at least to me. XD

Here's the 2 RuneScape videos:

Last but not least, Banya's A5 sketckbook. He gave us a free A5 sketckbook and he wants us to complete around 30 sketches in a month, so basically we had to draw everyday.

Initially I was enjoying drawing and even did more than 1 drawing per day, I was ahead by a week and had around 21 drawings after 2 weeks.

But then, something terrible happened (thunderstorms)...

He told us to return our sketckbook to him (without writing our names), mess up the order of the sketckbook, and everyone is supposed to take back any sketckbook as long as it does not belongs to them...

Sobs... T^T

My Faye drawings that I had inside, cause I was so happy after F.I.R. concert that I drew a lot of Faye chibi drawings...

These are the 2 nicer drawings that I had, they are based on the clothes that Faye wore during the concert:

I gave Faye a similar drawing before F.I.R. went to Hong Kong after their Singapore concert. But I guessed the original copy that I gave Faye looks nicer cause I managed to estimate the space properly so that I had sufficient space for drawing her feet out.

I took a photo of Faye doing this action and I drew it out~ :3
Besides, it's one of the clear photos that I took with my Hp camera, can't zoom with it because it doesn't have optical zoom. :X

So when Banya took my sketckbook away and wanted to give to others (to draw on it somemore), I was very agitated because on that day I felt that he took the light out of my world away.

I put in quite a lot of effort to draw... T.T

And I angrily went to get back my sketckbook at the end of the lesson before he had a chance to give my sketckbook away... >:(

Afterwards, he had a contest, I wanted to join it initially but after hearing the theme for the contest... =.=

It was something about you seeing yourself achieving a dream that you had, but you woke up to realise it was all but a dream.

Can't quite remember it exactly but it was something along that line.

So the first thought that came to me is, whatever I drew and submitted for the contest will only be a dream for the rest of my life? Is that what he's trying to say?

Imagine if you draw a person that you like a lot, that means that person will forever remain as a dream to you, it will never become reality. =.=

What a bad theme. :X

But I suddenly thought of a way to counter it after the contest ended. (Not like we had a contest anyway cause no one wants to participate it willingly. He could have force us to join, then he wouldn't be emo for the whole day... =.=)

"As long as you keep trying, one day, even the heavens will be touched by your efforts and will lend you a helping hand, and then, your dream will become reality."

Well I guess, that's all about the things that happened in the past few hectic weeks that I can remember.

Yet another long post. :)

Oh one last thing, I'm like playing facebook games cause I'm too stress while doing my homework.

Let's see, here's the list:
- MouseHunt
- FrontierVille
- FishVille
- Happy Aquarium
- Baking Life


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