Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Rushed Trip Back To Kranji

This year Teachers' Day celebrations clashed with Joint Critique 1.

Thus... By the time I reached Kranji... It was pretty...

Empty... *Wind Blows*

I rushed back during my lunch break. And afterwards I had to rush back to school again for my presentation. My lecturer didn't gave us an order for our presentation... It was randomised... T.T

What I really enjoyed most back during my short visit (when there's barely anyone there) was the atmosphere. I don't feel any stress back in Secondary school not because I graduated, but because I didn't feel the stress back even when I was in Secondary school.

The air was clear, the breeze was smoothing. The wind blew my headache away, due to a 20 minutes sleep the previous night.

Luckily I decided to go to Kranji. The short rest I had in class wasn't as fantastic a cure as my trip back to Kranji. :)

And so I met Amy and we went back~

Eek! I got short hair... O.O

"Searching... for another background to shoot in progress..."
I'm even wearing formal shoes... Pointed black thingy at the bottom of the photo...

1st attempt at trying to shoot using the timer from my handphone camera...

2nd attempt... And our estimation was better! ^^

Last photo of the school hall before leaving...
This scene reminds me of... "O" Levels examination...

And Amy and I were talking about our bad experiences of sitting at the extreme front of the column, where teachers started chatting in front of us and we can actually hear what they're talking... =.=

She wanted to take a photo in front of the school hall, but there were only 2 of us so it's hard for the 2 of us to be in the photo because there wasn't a higher platform opposite the school hall for me to place my handphone.

I only wanted to take a photo with her on that day. :3

And after that I rushed back to Kranji, parted ways with Amy. T.T

My friend bluffed me, telling me the lesson after lunch is going to end early, so I ended up taking a taxi back to school... Well, that's only part of the reason, the other reason was because my feet hurts a lot because of the shoe I was wearing...

I wondered if anyone realised I left school unless I told them. :3

Presentation was successful, except for minor changes we need to make. And gambatae Tempesta Illumina!

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