Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm not a Pessimist!

Recently my uncle's comment about me being a pessimist got me thinking.
If I'm a pessimist, how can I be happy with life's simple things?

Okay, this is going to be long...

So my answer is:
I'm a Perfectionist Realist who has Mood Swings.

The typical question to tell a difference between an optimist and a pessimist.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Optimist: Half full.
Pessimist: Half empty.

But is that all? What about the rest who doesn't feel that it's half full or half empty?

My friend asked me the same question, and I said it's okay, so I'm probably a Realist.

Realist: There is half a glass of water.
Cynic: Don't drink it, someone probably spat in it!

This is an interesting statement I found made by others on being a pessimist and a realist:
"Big difference between being realistic and being pessimistic. Be optimistic, and you'll very often be disappointed. Be realistic, and you'll never be disappointed but once in a while you might be pleasantly surprised."

Wait, but that's not all.

Surely I have to be unhappy and have negative thoughts due to some other reasons?
It must certainly be my overly high and unachievable goal for myself?

Interestingly enough, perfectionists are usually unhappy because they're highly critical of themselves and others (not so much of the "others" case for me because I have low self esteem). To add on, I have mood swings.

Oh well, taking things easy now.

Not sleeping at 4am because I don't want to stress myself to sleep "earlier". Weird logic. XD

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