Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over at my country but it's still Christmas in US right? So... This still counts. :P

Before I start blahing about my thoughts for 2010, I've got a picture to share. :)

My Christmas Present for this year

A Rubik's Cube from all of our childhood, and a headphone from Jolin "Myself" pre-order signed album (that got shipped back few months ago, which I just collected recently).

So Christmas for this year? Family gathering with Rubik's Cube playing and teaching session, and Scramble Board Game, plus the record of collecting 9900 sunlight because we refused to kill the last zombie in Plant vs Zombie, iPad version. :D

I actually had a twitter and weibo (a China site that is similar to twitter) account but I just prefer blogging. Because well it just seems too casual, so nothing beats blogging. :)

Don't have a tumblr account though because it's too messy for me, unless Jolin decides to create a tumblr account, which is the very reason why I created a twitter and weibo account.

Okay, back to topic. This Christmas, when I was on the way home on my uncle's car, he was saying that I had pessimistic thoughts. But then I was telling my mother, see how contented I am with a Rubik's Cube when all the kids are snatching to play the iPad.

Can a pessimistic person be contented with life's simple things?
Or am I just having too high targets for myself?

To sum up year 2010, it's a special year because:

- 是“爱你依林”年

- Rainie's 2010 album was released on the 1st day of New Year, making it a memorable New Year for me

- I saw Rainie in person at her concert autograph session & her concert (and unexpectedly found my graduated poly senior to go with me, so it's the 1st time I actually had that much to talk to her, not to forget all those silly shouting and cheering and making her cheer with me too)

- Joined RainieDay and met 2 new friends

- Attended F.I.R.'s album autograph session (oh my gosh 1st time), performance at Sheng Shiong show, concert autograph session & concert (and even had a chance to go up the stage to sing with Faye during their concert autograph session)

- Joined MY-FIR and well, met new friends too

- Stopped clinging to a senior friend, and had 2 closer friends

- Formed a group and found out that "Hey, I can be a leader too"

- Less handiwork but more work than ever

- Found out that I can actually do modelling and modelled out such a cute Gomamon who has so far gotten praises from many

- Quit my addiction for coke, and realised that eating sweets made me go less crazy

- Tested my limits on how lack of sleep can I take while still attending school (record of 20 min of sleep with presentation the next day *Claps Claps*)

- Talked to girls in my course from my batch, and even asked 2 of them to join my group :O

- In the same class with Chan Li Yi again after 7 years o.o

- Solved the Rubik's Cube for the 1st time in my life

- Saw, liked and supported an artiste. She's a very nice and cheerful person, and probably the first cancer artiste that I ever liked. :)

- And many more...

But the bold points, is what I feel make this year the most special of all. :)

So seeing that there's so many reasons, I should be happy after all~

2010 I'm going to miss you, but come 2011, anytime when you're ready!


  1. - In the same class with Chan Li Yi again after 7 years o.o