Thursday, December 16, 2010


Now let's check, when is the last time I posted? When I realised that I would prefer to live in a fantasy world than the real world because the real world is too hard to live in? But I must say, not trying to be ironic or anything, I don't think we can prove that this world we live in is real either, because it might be a fake world created by our imagination...

Okay enough of this nonsense, I had a long debate with an extreme atheist at an online forum because of that.

To quote from Autumn's Concerto: "I would still like to believe that there is goodness in this world."

Yes my latest addiction! Or shall I say obsession?
So enough of the sad and pessimistic thoughts for the time being.

No not Autumn's Concerto (下一站,幸福),是慕橙。

6 years ago

6 years later

Her hairstyle looks beautiful at any point of time in this drama. I must say, this is the first time I've taken such a strong liking to any actor's/actress's hair because the make-up team finally put to use what they had learnt!

Not only that, I probably liked her character's personality more than her actual personality. :O

She feels chaste, pure and caring to me. :)

Meh, and I seriously got jealous of her child in the show (although he is born with a sickness that requires lifetime medication and he's not living with his father till he's 6 years old). At least he has love, warmth and cuddle from his mother, which is something I probably wouldn't understand much. Not to mention I've no idea how to hug either... -.-

I got a feeling I'm purposely dragging the speed for me to watch finish the drama because I kind of can't bare to leave her beautiful character.

This show had been released for quite some time, so if I really meant to watch, I would have watched it long ago. However, chancing Ady An (the lead actress in Autumn's Concerto) again in one of my favourite old shows, made me take notice of the character she was acting as in that old show.

Behind the strong personality, lies a weak inner heart that not everyone can see, reminds me of someone...

This is the show. :)

Now back to my old, and not so mundane life.

Life goes on as per normal, or even tougher? The thought of the year 3s graduating soon is kind of sad to me. There's only 4 people in this course whom I can consider my real friends, 2 from my batch, 2 from year 3, so that means once they graduate I wouldn't be able to pop over to their class and chat with them. :(

And this holiday really sucks to the core, with a whole load of homework to complete. HTI2, AMG, 3DLDS, 3DMA and not to forget our "dear" studio project with the last 1/2 presentation(s) before final submission. At this crucial timing, I'm picking up a new thing. Luckily it's scripting, scripting is way better than modelling... ... ...

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