Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yet another dream I could recall...

Living is more than just about dreaming, but if dreaming reflects your real inner thoughts, why not jot them down?


So the dream starts with me being late for lessons (as usual) by 40+ min everyday...

And on this one particular day the teacher said that we'll be heading down for an event. And so I promised myself that I'll get everything ready before we head off for the event. But, I was distracted by so many things (including a basketball) that by the time everyone was ready, I haven't change my clothes yet.

I'd probably should reveal who my teacher is in my dream. It's F.I.R., I wonder why... Must be because I've been taking note of their recent activities because they are going to release their new album soon...

Everyone started leaving the classroom and a person was locking the doors. I stood beside her and told her not to lock it, saying that I'll lock it later by brute force (cause I don't have the key).

That person is probably an accompanying teacher from other class, or perhaps a person with higher authority in the school.

As she was leaving, I shouted to her can I go to the venue by myself cause I wished to go home to change my clothes (I recalled looking at the dirty and not-so-homely toilet in my dream), and I promised that I'll be on time.

She looked at me and said on what basis can I give this promise because I don't even have the discipline to make it to school on time. She turned and left. And I was left heavily defeated by what she had said.


The next thing I knew, I was back in class again the next morning and I reached way ahead of time; the teachers haven't even arrived yet. (So I most probably didn't go for the event because I was feeling rotten that day)

When the teachers arrived, in order to avoid eye contact with them, I took a blanket and covered it with my head, leaving myself in total blackness. My friend sitting at my side was asking me what's the matter but I didn't answered.

The teachers were announcing the grades that we had gotten and I saw my friend sitting beside me getting an A, and another couple of people getting an A. I know my chances of getting a decent grade isn't high, and so I dashed out of the classroom in a moment of impulse, leaving the blanket behind.

I saw my basketball leaning at the edge of a wall and I picked it up. Taking it and bouncing it in my hands. Then I ran and bounced it at the same time.

However, I went to another corridor where the principal was at taking a loudspeaker and shouting to the other students. So I panicked and bounced my ball the other direction. However I seemed to have difficulty running very fast no matter how hard I tried.

When I ran back to where my classroom was at, the people in my class started coming out. And due to some confusion, I joined them as they all started practising bouncing a ball while squatting down.

Suddenly, I seemed to see my grades before my eyes... I got a... B.

I happened to be beside my teacher, Faye and someone told me that they had been having many outdoor activities to avoid other staffs noticing that the class actually had one person missing (because I was always late). Because it's pretty obvious to detect an empty seat in a filled classroom then a missing student in a crowd of people.

At that moment, my rotten feeling evolved to an out-spurt of tears (or guiltiness) and I hugged Faye tight for some time while we were still squatting down. When I finally overcome with my sadness, I let go of her and we stood up. However, she went behind the glass door and the words I wanted to say to her were muffled and soft...

And the last scene ended with Faye looking cheekily at me while we were squatting down outside again and I happened to be beside Ah Qin, telling Ah Qin not to harbour any thoughts about me?