Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happening Week

Last week marks the end of my holidays. Straight away after school started, things happened, many things happened.

Like any other typical student, I was rushing work at the last minute. But somehow my rushing took to a larger extent, I practically stayed awake for the whole night on Sunday, except for a short 1 hour nap.

The next day at school...

*Continues working*

And *collapsed at 10am+*

Got called up by the lecturers to check our work in the afternoon and returned with a black face back to my seat shortly afterwards. And so I continued working on my digital prototype, not sure how much progress I could make.

I was thinking I could finish everything by night but guess I was wrong. Cause initially I wanted to rush off to a friend's birthday celebration right after school.

Ended up I sort of finished the digital prototype to a presentable level by evening with the help of my friends. And continued touching up the documentation and finally slowly making our slides.

By the time I finished everything and burned the disc, woots it's near 12am. O.o

And me and my friend rushed to the MRT station in near darkness (who offed the lights???!!!). The gates were locked (very smart move for stopping students from staying till wee hours but that isn't going to work) and so we retaliate with a smart move too.

Because the last train is approaching and we didn't have that much of a time to head to an easier escape route. My friend pointed out that the metal door could be climbed over and he dropped his bag and climbed over.

I passed him his bag, followed by my laptop and my bag. I lifted my leg up and tried to put it in a squarish hole on the door, and then I slowly pulled myself up a door which is nearly double my height. ._.

The door was shaky cause I was struggling too much. And finally with much effort, I was sitting on the top of the door. By then, my friend had picked all the bags up and was preparing to rush to the station.

I knew I don't have much time to waste, and jumped down, 2 feet landed flat on the ground... *Ouch* I could feel the impact coming up from my feet to my thigh but I still had to run nonetheless. We made it to the station in time with 5 min to spare and very injured legs.

When I got home, I got a lashing from my grandma for attempting to climb over the door. But then again, it's fun! :D

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