Saturday, July 16, 2011

RuneScape Lobster Cooking

My friend gave me 10k raw lobsters several months ago, I recalled burning a few and eating a few up by accident, and the result of cooking 10k lobsters is...

Wow! 9994 left.
And my cooking level improved from "burning a few lobsters" to "pro lobster chef".

This is how much I earned...

From selling the willow logs I chopped so that I can use it to cook the lobsters. Beats running to the stove although I was limited to 26 lobs per inventory.

I didn't intend to chop that many initially, but I happened to log in after a RuneScape update, causing all the bots to log out, and making it a pleasing training environment with little players.

After waiting for some time, few minutes perhaps, I got my money and the amount is rather shocking. Thanks to my friend who said he'll give the cooked lobsters to me for free! ^^

Total amount of money earned.

Haven't thought of what I'm going to spend it on yet, it's like the feeling of suddenly getting rich without expecting it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who am I?

I think I created a similar post before, I've been asking this question myself many a times.

And recently I chanced upon a forum thread with regards to a secondary four student sending a letter to the ministry telling them that there is something really really wrong with our education system.

Although she might not be 100% correct but I applaud her for her courage.

And so here's a snippet of my really, really long reply with regards to her even longer letter:

"So that comes to the question about the thing primary and secondary never taught me. Or perhaps they thought we were too immature to learn. At the end of the day, the biggest why I have is "Who am I?" Not answered in a scientific way that I'm made up of my organs etc, not answered in a politic way that we're born to serve the nation, help the economic, give birth to more children so the human race doesn't die off.

But "Who am I?", "What's my purpose in this world?", "What are my talents (outside school, outside the normal talents like music and arts)?", "Why am I introvert?", "Why do I act this way?", "Why do I think this way?"

This questions were never answered. Parents had no answer to it. Teachers had no answer to it and send me to a counselor because I had negative thoughts (thanks ah). Counselor had no answer to it instead she flaunt her daughter's magnificent grades to me (You're hinting to me just study and shut up?).

All these weren't answered till I went poly, till I was in contact with philosophy which resulted me in looking up on psychology and horoscope later on in my life. I'm still an amateur at it and I've more to learn. At least for know I know "Who am I". It can't be expressed verbally but I know."

Another snippet from a Forumner's reply "To expect these questions to be answered by the system is something that simply can't be done. These questions require much introspection upon the person to reflect upon him/herself, because the answer can only be found within."

And MY reply is "I agree. But the problem is the education system in primary and secondary school life didn't even give me an opening or a headstart. I've no idea the reason for what went wrong. I was lost. I was depressed. I was negative.

I get thrown back my answer. And they send me to a counselor expecting it will help. But end up at the end of the day, everyone was only concerned about my grades and not how I feel mentally. I believed if something went wrong, just something bad went wrong, I might probably go insane."

This probably can be debated further making it an endless post, but let's just end it here for the time being, besides I haven't got a reply back yet.

It's intriguing to finally get a decent debate in a forum and I'm not getting shoot at yet, hopefully not.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Imperfection is Perfect















就好比Venus de Milo失去了双臂,




Sunday, July 10, 2011

Past Quotations

Yah we all miss the past, don't we?
I just choose to look forward.

Because I found a reason to be happy.
So I don't have to keep praying that
I have the power to keep believing.

“永遠有相信下去的勇氣” - Faye (F.I.R.)

Because there's a person who made me realise
That the world isn't as sad as I thought it is.

“因為[她讓]我相信,這世界還沒有太爛” - 下一站,幸福


/世上的姑娘千千萬萬個,只要愛上一個就夠了” - 古今大戰秦俑情

These are all past quotations I quoted from people and dramas.

I don't need them anymore,
I just need more time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Jolin replied my comment on weibo. I don't know how many comments she scrolled through but... So Happy~ *Twirls*

She posted:

And then I replied:

Few moments later, I saw a reply and a retweet (retweet in weibo comes with the reply function too), and I thought it was just some random passerby then I saw 蔡依林 with the V mark beside it to acknowledge that she is someone with a certain degree of reputation.

The retweet was by a random fan though but it's okay~

I didn't know I could wait till this day, because she had thousand of replies for each of her posts. Sobs. Touched. T.T


Afterwards because I was too happy, I felt numb for I don't know how long. :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tweet Tweet Part 2

I said I had a lot things weighting on my mind which I'm eager to share, you think a post about 2 dramas would be enough? Of course not!

Few hours ago after finish typing part 1 I was able to curb my excitement for a while. But now I can't wait for "Material Queen" episode 4 to show!!! Argh!!!

They're heading towards the more "everyday" side of life in the drama now. Or at least the setting is. I recalled hearing it in one lesson that if we can relate the main character to ourselves, we will enjoy the plot more, or in my case, enjoy the game more.

Hmm, so I've been doing other things as well. Like updating weibo (china version of twitter) too much to the extent that my friend said I'm flooding her homepage. Playing Maple, gah, that's just because my friend is urging me to play and I suddenly felt like spamming keys.

And playing Neopets? :D

Other than playing some really random games on Neopets cause I suddenly felt like playing mini-games after over spamming a seriously hard to level Maple. I also tried playing another kind of game on Neopets which doesn't end the moment you close it, in fact it runs even if you're not playing it.

This's the game.

I think it's a little bit like facebook game, especially after I noticed they implemented the "neocash" thingy to buy better items.

Anyway, the basic idea of the game is to look after your petpetpet (lols such a cute name) and help them in building their own little settlement by ensuring they have enough rest and food (currently mine are sleepy and starving now), as well as resources and perhaps a few little cute buildings too. :)

Oh wait, what else was I playing? I remembered, a Chinese game. Hahaha!

This is a drama, known as Chinese Paladin. The drama is adapted from the game that I'm playing now.

I recalled watching it on channel 8 when I was in secondary school. It was a pretty memorable show to me but I think I watched it in bits and pieces, that's why my memory of it was in bits and pieces too.

So I asked my friend to help me download the show and I rewatched it again. I finished it recently (finally after a long long time) because I stopped halfway. The reason for stopping, I knew one of my fave character in the show is going to die soon so I was afraid to watch it any further. Turns out the soon isn't as soon as I thought it would be.

This is the final episode of the show.

I recalled the very reason why I didn't bought the VCD for this show was because it had a sad ending. Back then, me and my friend were discussing about it. I said that Xiao Yao shouldn't have let Ling Er die, he should tell her to live on. I thought he didn't love her a lot.

But my friend was saying that because he loves her a lot, that's why he doesn't want Ling Er to suffer anymore, that's why he urged her to pass on. After rewatching it, near the end of the final episode, Xiao Yao asked a question, "Do you understand?"

At that time, finally, after so many years, I finally understand his actions.

Love isn't about possession after all.
Love is about not letting the one you love suffer.

The show was really touching, so I couldn't just let it end here and it took me a lot, a lot of effort to find a playable version of Chinese Paladin 1 game. Finally I found it and with virtual clonedrive, it was playable. :)

Screenshot of Chinese Paladin 1 Game

When I first launched it, I "wowed" at the graphics. Thinking that it was really awesome for a 1995 game. Haha, blur me, I was actually playing the XP version so it wasn't that old, but nonetheless the graphics are good.

If anyone were to try playing it, you have to make sure you like the story more than the gameplay, after all there's a lot of Chinese words to read. Haha.

One segment of the story which actually happens both in the show and the game. And they "literally" showed it. The part when after Xiao Yao and Ling Er married, they went into their room and... Okay well, it was actually just a hug and next morning in the game but they showed it in graphics at least.

Ling Er looks pleasant both in the show and in the game. :)

Yue Ru's concept art in the game.

Hmm, I think Ady An makes a better Yue Ru because her character really stood out in the show. But I like the way Yue Ru attack in the game, her normal attack hits all enemies.

But Ling Er is still ♥.

Okay so show, and game, and more show and game. What else?

Ah huh! Gym!

I've been going to gym quite recently these few months. Been trying to keep it at once a week but things just cropped up here and there with random holiday, expected friend's birthday and irritating presentation.

But there was a gym in the random holiday that I went. It was on a cruise and the gym is decently nice and quiet.

So we set it on every Friday. Need to keep fit after 2 years in this bloody course with excess staring of the computer screen. And after yesterday gym + swimming session, my muscles are aching but I kinda like that feeling. ^^

Tweet Tweet

Social networking sites like twitter and facebook, etc are not very helpful in terms of storing memory. Because it's so easy to get over few hundred posts, mainly because of the word limit, and the things vary from posting random stuff to replying friends to sharing what others had posted.

So I came back to blogger again with lots of things weighting on my mind at the moment...

I gave up on Taiwan dramas N months back because they hadn't produced anything decent, mainly switching to Hong Kong dramas and Japanese animes, and some random English movies that I suddenly remembered.

But recently 2 shows caught my attention and they are pretty good. :)

Material Queen
(Starring: Vanness Wu & Lynn Hung)

It was a weird coincidence that I'm actually watching this show. I saw it appearing in the upcoming drama list and I recognised the main actor, but I was like, "Hey, who's this girl?" and so left it at the back of my mind ever since.

But then on one night, after finishing one episode of "Love Keeps Going", I was bored and it was too early to sleep. So I moved on to "Material Queen", thinking that I probably would just watched the first 5-10 min of the drama or so.

However, the contents of the drama caught me by surprise and it was actually pretty good. Taking note that the first 2 episodes were actually filmed in Paris and they got a fashion designer to help them in styling. No wonder I felt that the whole scene was extremely well-taken.

The Story:

Lin Chu Man (Lynn Hung) was abandoned by her mother when she was young. At first she was crying and asking her mother not to leave, upon hearing her mother's words her reaction changed immediately. Her mother told her to become rich after growing up so that she wouldn't be poor like who she is now, poor to the extent that she is not able to keep anything with her.

The little Chu Man wiped her tears away and smiled, welcoming the orphanage in front of her as it is able to provide her with daily necessities, unlike the life she lived with her mother. Ever since that day, she lost belief in miracles and accepted the ugly truth of real life much earlier than any kids.

On a Christmas night, a magician appeared beside her window sill, hoping to bring out her true heart for the one last time. She was given a choice between a penny and a hope for her mother coming back. However, she chose the penny, discarding her true heart away, and then, she was laid with a curse - she's unable to say "I love you" unless she meant it.


Years passed and she made her mark as a famous model. She was halfway to achieving her goal of becoming rich as she had managed to get a really rich boyfriend who's much older than her and with looks which couldn't be better described than with the word "ugly".

All these doesn't matter to her though, all she's concerned with is "Money", "Power", "Status" and "Fame". She had everything she ever wanted, till she met Prince William Norman whom she thought would be a better choice as he's much younger, richer and handsome.

Little did she knew the Prince William she met was actually a poor student called Cai Jia Hao (Vanness Wu) who's taking up a part time job as a substitute for him. To make matters worst, her current old boyfriend found out and that's "Game Over" for her.

However, Chu Man and Jia Hao were still tangled together even when they thought they will never meet again after the incident. So does that calls for a new chance for her to find her true love?

Okay the synopsis kind of became a summary after I typed it out, well at least I put in the effort instead of copying it straight from a wiki. One curious thing about the drama? The female lead had never acted in any local dramas before, and plus she's from China. So "Material Queen" was probably the first drama that I had seen receiving more comments flaming the actress herself instead of targeting at the plot.

Some commenters commented that her acting had too many extra actions. I agreed with that but somehow at several parts of the drama, her acting was rather good and believing, and plus her beauty so I kind of got past her "many extra actions" acting.

Just give her a chance, after all she acted as "Ip Man's" Wife. So I guess it shouldn't be that bad.

Love Keeps Going
(Starring: Cyndi Wang & Mike He)

The reason I watched this was because I saw it on channel u, the advertisement they showed just make the whole plot even more confusing for me. At the end of the day, the plot was rather simple and I like it for that.

The Story:

Zha Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) transformed from a happy-go-lucky child to a well-mannered and hardworking girl after hearing her parents fighting for her much clever older brother as they were planning a divorce.

Years passed and she grew up, excelling in whatever she did. In fact she picked up a lot of skills, from fixing a car, to bandaging a broken leg. She get to know her boyfriend because of her knowledge in numerous skills.

Her boyfriend's casual talk about opening a bread shop filled with happiness became her goal and she gave up a good job to help him achieve his dream. Things didn't go well for her though, because she was faced with a financial crisis.

Han Yi Lie (Mike He), her boyfriend's well-off brother, refused to lend them a helping hand. On top of that, Yi Lie had a cranky behaviour and he isn't the most pleasant person to chat with.

But Mei Le refused to give up and bugged Yi Lie to sponsor their bread shop. Those two loggerheads sparked off a weird chemistry which might just evolved into another relationship.

Somehow whenever I watched this show, I had the feeling of eating bread but I just can't seemed to find the ideal bread in real life. Eeek, white loaf, white loaf!