Sunday, July 3, 2011


Jolin replied my comment on weibo. I don't know how many comments she scrolled through but... So Happy~ *Twirls*

She posted:

And then I replied:

Few moments later, I saw a reply and a retweet (retweet in weibo comes with the reply function too), and I thought it was just some random passerby then I saw 蔡依林 with the V mark beside it to acknowledge that she is someone with a certain degree of reputation.

The retweet was by a random fan though but it's okay~

I didn't know I could wait till this day, because she had thousand of replies for each of her posts. Sobs. Touched. T.T


Afterwards because I was too happy, I felt numb for I don't know how long. :D


  1. You are so lucky...
    Can we be from...
    I'm Natalie,from Malaysia..
    M Jolin fans too....
    wait ya reply...
    ~my blog~

  2. It was just some random luck. Hahaha. Hi, I'm a fan from Singapore!

  3. wow... Singapore....i like Singapore....