Sunday, July 10, 2011

Past Quotations

Yah we all miss the past, don't we?
I just choose to look forward.

Because I found a reason to be happy.
So I don't have to keep praying that
I have the power to keep believing.

“永遠有相信下去的勇氣” - Faye (F.I.R.)

Because there's a person who made me realise
That the world isn't as sad as I thought it is.

“因為[她讓]我相信,這世界還沒有太爛” - 下一站,幸福


/世上的姑娘千千萬萬個,只要愛上一個就夠了” - 古今大戰秦俑情

These are all past quotations I quoted from people and dramas.

I don't need them anymore,
I just need more time.

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