Saturday, July 16, 2011

RuneScape Lobster Cooking

My friend gave me 10k raw lobsters several months ago, I recalled burning a few and eating a few up by accident, and the result of cooking 10k lobsters is...

Wow! 9994 left.
And my cooking level improved from "burning a few lobsters" to "pro lobster chef".

This is how much I earned...

From selling the willow logs I chopped so that I can use it to cook the lobsters. Beats running to the stove although I was limited to 26 lobs per inventory.

I didn't intend to chop that many initially, but I happened to log in after a RuneScape update, causing all the bots to log out, and making it a pleasing training environment with little players.

After waiting for some time, few minutes perhaps, I got my money and the amount is rather shocking. Thanks to my friend who said he'll give the cooked lobsters to me for free! ^^

Total amount of money earned.

Haven't thought of what I'm going to spend it on yet, it's like the feeling of suddenly getting rich without expecting it!

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