Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tweet Tweet Part 2

I said I had a lot things weighting on my mind which I'm eager to share, you think a post about 2 dramas would be enough? Of course not!

Few hours ago after finish typing part 1 I was able to curb my excitement for a while. But now I can't wait for "Material Queen" episode 4 to show!!! Argh!!!

They're heading towards the more "everyday" side of life in the drama now. Or at least the setting is. I recalled hearing it in one lesson that if we can relate the main character to ourselves, we will enjoy the plot more, or in my case, enjoy the game more.

Hmm, so I've been doing other things as well. Like updating weibo (china version of twitter) too much to the extent that my friend said I'm flooding her homepage. Playing Maple, gah, that's just because my friend is urging me to play and I suddenly felt like spamming keys.

And playing Neopets? :D

Other than playing some really random games on Neopets cause I suddenly felt like playing mini-games after over spamming a seriously hard to level Maple. I also tried playing another kind of game on Neopets which doesn't end the moment you close it, in fact it runs even if you're not playing it.

This's the game.

I think it's a little bit like facebook game, especially after I noticed they implemented the "neocash" thingy to buy better items.

Anyway, the basic idea of the game is to look after your petpetpet (lols such a cute name) and help them in building their own little settlement by ensuring they have enough rest and food (currently mine are sleepy and starving now), as well as resources and perhaps a few little cute buildings too. :)

Oh wait, what else was I playing? I remembered, a Chinese game. Hahaha!

This is a drama, known as Chinese Paladin. The drama is adapted from the game that I'm playing now.

I recalled watching it on channel 8 when I was in secondary school. It was a pretty memorable show to me but I think I watched it in bits and pieces, that's why my memory of it was in bits and pieces too.

So I asked my friend to help me download the show and I rewatched it again. I finished it recently (finally after a long long time) because I stopped halfway. The reason for stopping, I knew one of my fave character in the show is going to die soon so I was afraid to watch it any further. Turns out the soon isn't as soon as I thought it would be.

This is the final episode of the show.

I recalled the very reason why I didn't bought the VCD for this show was because it had a sad ending. Back then, me and my friend were discussing about it. I said that Xiao Yao shouldn't have let Ling Er die, he should tell her to live on. I thought he didn't love her a lot.

But my friend was saying that because he loves her a lot, that's why he doesn't want Ling Er to suffer anymore, that's why he urged her to pass on. After rewatching it, near the end of the final episode, Xiao Yao asked a question, "Do you understand?"

At that time, finally, after so many years, I finally understand his actions.

Love isn't about possession after all.
Love is about not letting the one you love suffer.

The show was really touching, so I couldn't just let it end here and it took me a lot, a lot of effort to find a playable version of Chinese Paladin 1 game. Finally I found it and with virtual clonedrive, it was playable. :)

Screenshot of Chinese Paladin 1 Game

When I first launched it, I "wowed" at the graphics. Thinking that it was really awesome for a 1995 game. Haha, blur me, I was actually playing the XP version so it wasn't that old, but nonetheless the graphics are good.

If anyone were to try playing it, you have to make sure you like the story more than the gameplay, after all there's a lot of Chinese words to read. Haha.

One segment of the story which actually happens both in the show and the game. And they "literally" showed it. The part when after Xiao Yao and Ling Er married, they went into their room and... Okay well, it was actually just a hug and next morning in the game but they showed it in graphics at least.

Ling Er looks pleasant both in the show and in the game. :)

Yue Ru's concept art in the game.

Hmm, I think Ady An makes a better Yue Ru because her character really stood out in the show. But I like the way Yue Ru attack in the game, her normal attack hits all enemies.

But Ling Er is still ♥.

Okay so show, and game, and more show and game. What else?

Ah huh! Gym!

I've been going to gym quite recently these few months. Been trying to keep it at once a week but things just cropped up here and there with random holiday, expected friend's birthday and irritating presentation.

But there was a gym in the random holiday that I went. It was on a cruise and the gym is decently nice and quiet.

So we set it on every Friday. Need to keep fit after 2 years in this bloody course with excess staring of the computer screen. And after yesterday gym + swimming session, my muscles are aching but I kinda like that feeling. ^^

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