Saturday, July 2, 2011

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Social networking sites like twitter and facebook, etc are not very helpful in terms of storing memory. Because it's so easy to get over few hundred posts, mainly because of the word limit, and the things vary from posting random stuff to replying friends to sharing what others had posted.

So I came back to blogger again with lots of things weighting on my mind at the moment...

I gave up on Taiwan dramas N months back because they hadn't produced anything decent, mainly switching to Hong Kong dramas and Japanese animes, and some random English movies that I suddenly remembered.

But recently 2 shows caught my attention and they are pretty good. :)

Material Queen
(Starring: Vanness Wu & Lynn Hung)

It was a weird coincidence that I'm actually watching this show. I saw it appearing in the upcoming drama list and I recognised the main actor, but I was like, "Hey, who's this girl?" and so left it at the back of my mind ever since.

But then on one night, after finishing one episode of "Love Keeps Going", I was bored and it was too early to sleep. So I moved on to "Material Queen", thinking that I probably would just watched the first 5-10 min of the drama or so.

However, the contents of the drama caught me by surprise and it was actually pretty good. Taking note that the first 2 episodes were actually filmed in Paris and they got a fashion designer to help them in styling. No wonder I felt that the whole scene was extremely well-taken.

The Story:

Lin Chu Man (Lynn Hung) was abandoned by her mother when she was young. At first she was crying and asking her mother not to leave, upon hearing her mother's words her reaction changed immediately. Her mother told her to become rich after growing up so that she wouldn't be poor like who she is now, poor to the extent that she is not able to keep anything with her.

The little Chu Man wiped her tears away and smiled, welcoming the orphanage in front of her as it is able to provide her with daily necessities, unlike the life she lived with her mother. Ever since that day, she lost belief in miracles and accepted the ugly truth of real life much earlier than any kids.

On a Christmas night, a magician appeared beside her window sill, hoping to bring out her true heart for the one last time. She was given a choice between a penny and a hope for her mother coming back. However, she chose the penny, discarding her true heart away, and then, she was laid with a curse - she's unable to say "I love you" unless she meant it.


Years passed and she made her mark as a famous model. She was halfway to achieving her goal of becoming rich as she had managed to get a really rich boyfriend who's much older than her and with looks which couldn't be better described than with the word "ugly".

All these doesn't matter to her though, all she's concerned with is "Money", "Power", "Status" and "Fame". She had everything she ever wanted, till she met Prince William Norman whom she thought would be a better choice as he's much younger, richer and handsome.

Little did she knew the Prince William she met was actually a poor student called Cai Jia Hao (Vanness Wu) who's taking up a part time job as a substitute for him. To make matters worst, her current old boyfriend found out and that's "Game Over" for her.

However, Chu Man and Jia Hao were still tangled together even when they thought they will never meet again after the incident. So does that calls for a new chance for her to find her true love?

Okay the synopsis kind of became a summary after I typed it out, well at least I put in the effort instead of copying it straight from a wiki. One curious thing about the drama? The female lead had never acted in any local dramas before, and plus she's from China. So "Material Queen" was probably the first drama that I had seen receiving more comments flaming the actress herself instead of targeting at the plot.

Some commenters commented that her acting had too many extra actions. I agreed with that but somehow at several parts of the drama, her acting was rather good and believing, and plus her beauty so I kind of got past her "many extra actions" acting.

Just give her a chance, after all she acted as "Ip Man's" Wife. So I guess it shouldn't be that bad.

Love Keeps Going
(Starring: Cyndi Wang & Mike He)

The reason I watched this was because I saw it on channel u, the advertisement they showed just make the whole plot even more confusing for me. At the end of the day, the plot was rather simple and I like it for that.

The Story:

Zha Mei Le (Cyndi Wang) transformed from a happy-go-lucky child to a well-mannered and hardworking girl after hearing her parents fighting for her much clever older brother as they were planning a divorce.

Years passed and she grew up, excelling in whatever she did. In fact she picked up a lot of skills, from fixing a car, to bandaging a broken leg. She get to know her boyfriend because of her knowledge in numerous skills.

Her boyfriend's casual talk about opening a bread shop filled with happiness became her goal and she gave up a good job to help him achieve his dream. Things didn't go well for her though, because she was faced with a financial crisis.

Han Yi Lie (Mike He), her boyfriend's well-off brother, refused to lend them a helping hand. On top of that, Yi Lie had a cranky behaviour and he isn't the most pleasant person to chat with.

But Mei Le refused to give up and bugged Yi Lie to sponsor their bread shop. Those two loggerheads sparked off a weird chemistry which might just evolved into another relationship.

Somehow whenever I watched this show, I had the feeling of eating bread but I just can't seemed to find the ideal bread in real life. Eeek, white loaf, white loaf!

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