Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Pointless

to get angry... But

I don't even know how to describe my feelings in words.

I have no idea where to start. One thing's for sure. I'm in a rage now.

This is RIDICULOUS. From constantly getting a C to a F?

You're trying to form my name in Chinese???

No matter how badly I did as a programmer, I'm pretty sure I did not fail as a Games Designer. So if other people in my course mainly taking up only a Games Designer role are getting A and B+, why am I'm getting a F?

Just because they managed to find a capable programmer, artist and modellor???

Even the best programmer among all the other flash groups scored a C+!!!!!!!!

In order for me to pass my FYP, I need to constantly score C for the rest of the other interim reviews. HOW IS THAT EVEN HUMANELY POSSIBLE WITH MY CURRENT SCRIPTING STANDARD???

Lols I'm so angry, I need to double check my language so many times. It's getting hilarious.


I might as well just rage quit.

Make your own games, you worthless turd.


I'm feeling fine already.

Okay back to normal language, so yesterday I came up with a brilliant idea. I send the lecturer who told me that I didn't do well (oh sorry F is not "didn't do well" it's a FAIL) back a mail giving reasons why I should not have failed.

Apparently he didn't get it, he gave me back a reply that's not even a reply to the things that I have asked.

I was feeling peaceful the whole day, fishing in RuneScape, chatting with my friend about how unfair the way we were graded and watching show till I saw his mail. Dang, I shouldn't have visited my mailbox in the middle of the night, it's a bad omen.

Anyway, during my discussion with my friend, we realised that ALL groups who were making flash games did not do well, instead there are jokers scoring C and B just because they used unity instead of flash.

So I'm going to fight till I'm satisfied with the results, if not I will just quit school. Do not get soft heartened and moan why I did not quit when I have the chance when I fail my FYP.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Birthday Present Came In Two Months Late

My best friend's birthday present came in 1 day late, my birthday present came in 2 months late.

I met up with Li Yi today to pass her the Stitch Cushion I got for her from Hong Kong Disneyland. And wishing her "Happy Birthday" too. I was surprised to hear a "Happy Belated Birthday" from her. That came in 2 months late.

Since she didn't get me anything for my birthday (we haven't celebrated it together for a long time because we are both lazy...), she decided to treat me to lunch at IMM. IMM again, the same place where I got treated during my birthday 2 months back.

Yes, I'm one non-eager person about my birthday, I didn't mentioned anything about it at all?

We left someone out during the celebrations and had a yogurt cake all to ourselves. (Because that someone was at uni camp)

And so I told Li Yi about it and she wanted to try it too. Somehow it turned to a slice of a Secret Recipe Cake which probably worth more in value. Pecan Butterscotch Cake. I swore I saw Peanut Butterscotch cake instead.

After the cake, we walked aimlessly around IMM, in hope of passing time as well as chatting about old things new happenings, spider powder, and our failed attempts at going to Genting in a Sampan after years of discussion.

What can I say?
Talking crap with Best Friend made my day! ^^

Achievement on 9.15

Yes, I screenshot this off from my previous entry because I couldn't think of a better background and layout. And that's probably my highest number of "retweets" (转发) from any weibo post.

Glad there are other fans out there who agrees with what I said. So hopefully with that lil amount of retweets, I might be lucky enough to get her attention. Thanks to my friend who helped me with the first retweet! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


等待很久 只為了見妳幾秒
支持很久 只為了見妳笑容
瘋狂很久 只為了妳演唱會
期待很久 只為了和妳相逢

我們笑了 因為看見妳笑了
我們哭了 因為看見妳哭了
我們站起 因為妳帶動氣氛
我們吶喊 因為不想讓妳走

蔡依林使 一切都變得值得
蔡依林使 不開心化為烏有
蔡依林使 一秒變成了永恆
蔡依林使 永遠支持變真話

九月十五 誕生了一個奇跡 而那就是蔡依林

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Willows! What happened to you?

You used to be so cute.



What in the world happened to you???

All these rare images of a non bot world in RuneScape were captured after the fortunate event of a system update. So don't panic during a system update. Sit back, relax, and wait for the bots to vanish!