Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Pointless

to get angry... But

I don't even know how to describe my feelings in words.

I have no idea where to start. One thing's for sure. I'm in a rage now.

This is RIDICULOUS. From constantly getting a C to a F?

You're trying to form my name in Chinese???

No matter how badly I did as a programmer, I'm pretty sure I did not fail as a Games Designer. So if other people in my course mainly taking up only a Games Designer role are getting A and B+, why am I'm getting a F?

Just because they managed to find a capable programmer, artist and modellor???

Even the best programmer among all the other flash groups scored a C+!!!!!!!!

In order for me to pass my FYP, I need to constantly score C for the rest of the other interim reviews. HOW IS THAT EVEN HUMANELY POSSIBLE WITH MY CURRENT SCRIPTING STANDARD???

Lols I'm so angry, I need to double check my language so many times. It's getting hilarious.


I might as well just rage quit.

Make your own games, you worthless turd.


I'm feeling fine already.

Okay back to normal language, so yesterday I came up with a brilliant idea. I send the lecturer who told me that I didn't do well (oh sorry F is not "didn't do well" it's a FAIL) back a mail giving reasons why I should not have failed.

Apparently he didn't get it, he gave me back a reply that's not even a reply to the things that I have asked.

I was feeling peaceful the whole day, fishing in RuneScape, chatting with my friend about how unfair the way we were graded and watching show till I saw his mail. Dang, I shouldn't have visited my mailbox in the middle of the night, it's a bad omen.

Anyway, during my discussion with my friend, we realised that ALL groups who were making flash games did not do well, instead there are jokers scoring C and B just because they used unity instead of flash.

So I'm going to fight till I'm satisfied with the results, if not I will just quit school. Do not get soft heartened and moan why I did not quit when I have the chance when I fail my FYP.

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