Friday, September 16, 2011

My Birthday Present Came In Two Months Late

My best friend's birthday present came in 1 day late, my birthday present came in 2 months late.

I met up with Li Yi today to pass her the Stitch Cushion I got for her from Hong Kong Disneyland. And wishing her "Happy Birthday" too. I was surprised to hear a "Happy Belated Birthday" from her. That came in 2 months late.

Since she didn't get me anything for my birthday (we haven't celebrated it together for a long time because we are both lazy...), she decided to treat me to lunch at IMM. IMM again, the same place where I got treated during my birthday 2 months back.

Yes, I'm one non-eager person about my birthday, I didn't mentioned anything about it at all?

We left someone out during the celebrations and had a yogurt cake all to ourselves. (Because that someone was at uni camp)

And so I told Li Yi about it and she wanted to try it too. Somehow it turned to a slice of a Secret Recipe Cake which probably worth more in value. Pecan Butterscotch Cake. I swore I saw Peanut Butterscotch cake instead.

After the cake, we walked aimlessly around IMM, in hope of passing time as well as chatting about old things new happenings, spider powder, and our failed attempts at going to Genting in a Sampan after years of discussion.

What can I say?
Talking crap with Best Friend made my day! ^^

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