Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 1

I'm in a mood to type today. Let's recall something that happened more than a month ago, on the 2nd of September. I was at the airport in the evening, feeling hungry and tried. I didn't sleep the day before because I was preparing for my portfolio submission.

Somehow I felt inner peace and calm. I had been to the airport a couple of times (without flying) these few years and happy memories linger there.

The floors and the glass reminded me of something.

As I was looking at it I recalled the time when Jolin left Singapore after her 5 days stay here, telling us to leave as we made our last journey as a knight during her stay in Singapore where we waited at the airport for her to send her off.

Followed by silently looking at her and her sister's back view as they walked and disappeared behind the walls. We had our sufficient share of waving that day though. :)

I paused at this location for a moment and it struck me that I've seen it before. We were sending F.I.R. off at that time and I awkwardly took a group photo with them.

So ended up I didn't eat anything as promised by the adults before boarding the plane. What can I say? The food at the airport is way too expensive!!! I was at terminal 3 by the way. And food on the airplane took long enough to serve too.

I didn't take the headphones when the air stewardess were giving out because I thought my headphone would work. Apparently, the plug didn't fit in. So... I went Zzzz.... But in fear of missing my food when it was served, I was half Zzzz-ing...

My cousins' meal came pretty fast though. And I was envying them. Why do kids get serve first? Next time I'm going to stuff myself silly before I board the plane! *Rage*

My meal came after hours and the serving wasn't ideal. There's bread though, which is supposed to make you feel more full but bread isn't an ideal dinner to me when I am very hungry. I ordered pasta by the way and I was like om nom nom nom. So when we finally landed in Hong Kong, I made my way to a nearby 7-eleven and bought instant noodles.

Somehow I was stuck with this full but not satisfied feeling and it carries on...

Talking about the hotel. It was SUPER BIG! And I have one queen size bed to myself. Hee hee. Nicely designed too. In my moment of relaxation, I totally forgot to snap a photo of it. And the first thing I did when I went there was to check whether was there internet connection and made a fb post to my friend.

I brought my laptop with me. To use it as a talisman to calm myself down and withdraw that black face of mine when something happened and it wasn't according to my plans. Ended up it was bulky but I enjoyed hugging it.

Was pretty addicted to fb back then because of the fb games I was playing, namely MapleStory Adventures and The Sims Social. The Sims Social died because I had way too little friends and it relies too heavily on friends. MapleStory Adventures just died on its own when a friend owned me at friend's ranking. I was 1st for a couple of weeks YA KNOW?

I belong to that 5% of girls gamer who play as a male character. :3

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