Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 2 Part 2

Let's pick up the story from the shopping center. Actually the question that is more interesting at the shopping center was what were my family doing when I was doing a CD hunt at HMV?

I have no idea where they were as I combed the shopping center, hoping to find more shops like HMV with treasures for me to loot. There was an Ella Koon magazine at HMV which looks appealing but I didn't bought in the end because I know magazine usually ends up with read once and put there scenario for me.

So there wasn't any more "interesting" shops to me except for a Marks and Spencer I found. And I bought 2 chocolate lollis, one for me, one for my cousin. :)

After combing the lower levels of the shopping center, I headed up and found my mother. She told me my cousin was at some children activity at the shopping center because there was a stage performance going on. Ooo... Talking about coincidences in life.

So I went up a little and found them. I went to say a quick "Hi" and continued searching. Umad? Yes. >:D

Blah, blah, blah. And then stomachache. So I headed to the toilet and there was like 2 woman in front of me, probably from China because she was speaking so loud I could hear every word clearly. She was saying the toilet here is very clean.

When I walked in, I was like, "Wow!". It's true, it's really clean.

Fast forward to the part where I handed the chocolate lolli to my cousin, I don't know what happened. She dropped it on the floor when she was unwrapping it. Too excited perhaps? Then she was sulking at it so my mother told me to share my chocolate lolli with her.

She took a small bite probably because she was feeling guilty and her younger sister took a whooping big bite. I was like *stares* at my chocolate lolli. Ended up I didn't ate much. She retreated me with another chocolate lolli, not as great as my Marks and Spencer's, but it's better than nothing. ;)

And that concludes the shopping center. So now moving on to more random walking!!!

Let the pictures do the talking. :)

Look who I saw?

Myolie Wu

Hong Kong's really great. You can see famous artistes just by randomly walking around. I wanna go there again!!! She's currently filming with other artistes. They all look awfully familiar but I only remember her and another girl. And we were allowed to take photo too, just no flash and no loud noises that's all. :)

Selena Li
I remembered her from "Survivor's Law II". Took me a while to recall though.

But I had to leave after a few minutes because apparently I was the only one interested in that. We were searching for "The Peak" at that time and I seriously had no idea what they were intending to do. We even took the local tram train and made a round to experience it.

What I like most? The chair, the breeze and the scenery on the tram train.

And there was yet another commotion brewing. Happening Hong Kong.

Seems they were protesting. For what issues I have no idea but everyone's curious.

But I guess this poster says all. No way would we say anything like this in Singapore out loud!

I spotted a Ding Tai Fung when I was on the tram (the same restaurant in Singapore) and I said I want that for dinner. Finally a satisfying one after one day of weird meal. I ate a lot, one bowl of noodle plus lots of side dishes. X3

I unwrapped Ella Koon's "Take A Shine To..." because I was curious after dinner and placed it in my CD player.

So now off to The Peak! We were pretty lost but we managed to find it eventually. My legs were tired too and I didn't like the crowd who's queuing for the ticket one bit because it's squeezy and hot.

Hee hee. Eeyore showcase time!

Eeyore sitting on the handrail on "The Peak". I was afraid he will fall down so I only took 3 shots. The first one was too dark, this was the second one.

And that's the 3rd to show the scenery at the back and I wasn't lying when I said he's sitting on high grounds. Although what's exactly behind him wasn't a "bottomless pit". I wouldn't even die if I dropped from that height but I don't want him to get "hurt".

My cousin, Joelle. I wanted to take the scenery behind but I was too lazy to move and she happened to be there. Oh well, Smiles~

After that, I wanted to do more shopping because I wanted more loot but the others weren't keen. So my mother accompanied me for a while but as we realised most shops were closing, we headed back pretty fast. But somehow I got myself 2 new shirts on the way because I saw a doggy shirt!

I collect doggy shirts! :D

Taking the tram down "The Peak", me likes the glowing gears at the back.

Yup. The train coming up and that concludes my second day there.

Hmm although I recalled looking intensively at the new CD's lyrics book, and my aunty came into our room to use our hairdryer. I had no respond though cause I thought she was my mother. Only after the CD played finished then I realised she was there. Grandma was saying something like that's me when I'm with my CD.

That's me. The over serious Carrot.

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