Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 2

Day 2 of Hong Kong trip consists of walking around, or let's say randomly walking around. I have no idea where they were intending to go except for shopping center locations and "The Peak" in Hong Kong.

We weren't following tour groups so we were heading to places by ourselves, with public transport and at our own pace, exactly what I liked. Slow and steady wins the race! The fun of travelling consists of getting lost too!

So I realised Hong Kong was a pretty good place to go for a short relaxation trip on your own, but the least you'll need is the ability to read Chinese words and someone whom can understand decent Cantonese. I couldn't get what they were speaking most of the times.

The Day started with us heading to nearby places from the hotel to eat. We randomly picked one shop in an attempt to try local delights. Ended up the thing that I liked most from our order was the Char Siew and Soya Bean Milk. Hong Kong's wanton mee wasn't up to my standard apparently. Bitter, oily and not enough chili!!! Clementi's wanton mee tasted way better! Or maybe it was just that store... ._.

The worst thing was we seemed to have been scammed by the stall owners because the price was ridiculously high. And for a non-satisfying breakfast too. So non-satisfying breakfast + non-satisfying dinner the previous night = Non-satisfied stomach. :(

Lunch was... Lunch was... What the hell was lunch exactly? I can't remember. Oh wait. I recalled. Lunch was at a local Macdonald because we were still full from our heavy breakfast. Despite being not tasty, the serving was extremely big. Macdonald means more oily food for my displeased stomach. So I probably only ate a couple of fries while emo-ing and listening to my CD.

Afternoon includes lots of randomly walking around on our own. I dumped too many things in my bag and the weight is hurting my shoulders. Plus the weather wasn't ideal and there were inconsiderate people smoking on the streets. The biggest problem was my legs weren't used to walking so they get tired easily.

I suggested to go to a shopping center so that the temperature will be more pleasant and there wouldn't be smokers around.

And that marks the start of my shopping spree!!!

I've already had a list of things to buy in my mind, CDs, Books, Magazines if I spotted those that I like on the cover...

Conveniently there was a HMV at the shopping center that I chose. And I noticed afterwards that there were only a few location with HMV in Hong Kong. Lucky me! :)

HMV wasn't expensive in Hong Kong surprisingly. Probably because I was buying Hong Kong's artiste CDs and there wasn't the import fee or probably because there's no GST in Hong Kong. And there could be even more reasons which will lead to political issues which I have no intention to say.

I found a new CD that I want straight away. But unhappy with my one CD loot, I searched seriously, one by one at the old CDs sections and finally found another one which I want!

Oh wait did I mention I told the adults I wanted to walk on my own in the shopping center? I couldn't possibly expect my mother to stare at me as I search for the CDs with an attempt to dig out old hidden treasure.

This is what I found!

Ella Koon's new album "Take A Shine To..." and her old album "Stages". Both couldn't be found in Singapore. So it was a fruitful day for me. Although I was hoping to find more but that's enough for now. :)

Why Singapore no import Ella Koon's new album???

She went to Malaysia recently for an autograph session too. Singapore just next door? But she didn't came. I'm guessing either it's too expensive here or because she doesn't have a fan base here. Let's hope more people will recognise her talents in the near future.

Ella Koon's New MV "由他去" (Let Him Be)

Ella Koon is a humble, cheerful and pretty girl whom can sing, play instruments and compose her own songs. More information here:

I would like to do a dictation here but Jolin will get jealous. *Jokes* Actually I don't want my long paragraphs of words to scare people away. So I guess that short info will do, I keyed in enough keywords for it, so please appear in Google Search! :D

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