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Hong Kong Trip Day 3

Oh I'm really happy, within days of posting, my recent post "Hong Kong Trip Day 2 Part 2" hit the weekly most viewed post. :)

I'm currently listening to Ella Koon's album which I had bought from Hong Kong. Blogging really makes me unwrap my stuffs, otherwise it's left there for "infinity and beyond"! :)

I was having difficulties waking up as usual. But I managed to get my butt off the bed at around 10am plus. We went to a nearby shopping center for our breakfast. Lesson learnt, pay more for better food. So we headed for a restaurant that's so crowded, we were even issued queue number.

While waiting, we walked a bit and I noticed there was a Popular there. Yes, Popular bookstore in Hong Kong, so that means there's a CD-Rama there too. And I was drawn there by some invisible force. I spent quite some time in there.

Firstly, I found something pleasing to the eyes. Jolin's Myself Pre-Order Version B - What I Want. One of the Jolin albums which I lacked in my collection. Didn't get it back then because I thought it will be a waste of money. I regretted.

Well the only difference is the free bag inside though. But oh well. :)

I didn't bring my Jolin CD with me to Hong Kong. Unexpectedly, I still get to hear her voice there. Ever since I swapped to her disc in Hong Kong, I've been listening to it till I came back to Singapore. Haha.

Next, I was searching like mad at the books section for Ella Koon's Yuan Lai Ni (原来妳). Imagine searching for a Chinese book among seas of Chinese book and your reading skills is only so-so. I even went up to ask the person at the cashier; they asked me to write the title of the book. I was like o.o. *Thinks in my head* "I... Can't really remember how to write it."

Ended up I wrote the wrong word for the first letter, oh well, they didn't manage to find it in their database anyway. The book's about a year old and she isn't some mega pop star either. Apparently, JOLIN'S NEW BOOK IS EVERYWHERE. I'm so tempted to buy it, but I've already pre-ordered it from the fan club. Do not wish to spend unnecessary money.

After buying Jolin's album, I happily stuffed it in my bag (it costed way more than 2 albums I bought yesterday 公主啊 公主) and I was called up for breakfast. They finally got their seat in the restaurant. Hong Kong's food wasn't exactly appetising to me. I still couldn't get pass the oily barrier. And they ordered Dim Sum too. So I ate quite little.

After breakfast, we went shopping a little. It was my mother's turn for her shopping spree. I was like uh huh, okay, this looks nice. But at the last minute, I got myself an Adidas shirt, and a random pair of Adidas socks. ❤

They went for dessert. I wasn't attracted to sweet things so I got myself a cup of corn soup at Mos Burgers instead. I "huh" at the counter twice before the cashier realised I couldn't understand Cantonese and spoke English to me instead. I don't look foreigner enough to you? (A)

We overstayed at that shopping center for quite some time. So we quickly took a cab to a museum that they wanted to go.

We reached the museum in the nick of time before it closes at 5pm. The museum showcases old rooms back in the olden days of Hong Kong. Apparently this house belonged to Hakka people, my ancestor? I got a bit of spooky feeling when I went in room after room. Or it's just my imagination?

Other than that, there were objects on display. That room was air-conditioned and brightly lit. I took photographs only of those that were interesting to me. My camera wasn't used much for these past 2 days.

Olden day books were interesting to me. It's more of the Chinese words though. I find traditional Chinese words extremely beautiful.

And photographs of the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland is interesting to me! Because it's Disney? XD

After the museum, the others headed back by taxi to the hotel. We weren't able to fit into one taxi because of the number of people travelling, and there wasn't 2 consecutive taxis together, so me and my mother decided to head back by public transport. Besides we have been travelling by the MTR for a few days.

And one more thing. Taxi rides in Hong Kong wasn't pleasant to me. The taxi drivers in Hong Kong wasn't exceptionally friendly, unlike those in Singapore. Coincidentally we found a small shopping center right beside the MTR station so we walked for a bit.

It was the last chance for me to search for the book I wanted. So my mother was sort of accompanying me looking at CD stores and book stores. Nothing was found in the end. And we headed back to the hotel since it's nightfall soon, and they were intending to head to another location for dinner.

Right at the hotel's MTR station, I spotted an ice cream truck. It was playing some cute melody. I wanted one and my mother got it for me.

I recalled I haven't take a photo of Eeyore in the hotel yet so I took it. I previously did the same thing when I brought Eeyore on a cruise. Well technically he's free, I just need to stuff him in my bag.

I had a light teabreak of spicy seafood Nissin cup noodles back at the hotel. And it was shared among several people because the aroma aroused everyone's hunger. So there goes about half of my cup noodles?

Next, we headed to Mong Kok if I didn't remember wrongly. The place looked like some night market. Like the night life of Hong Kong. I liked it pretty much. Because there's so much to see on the streets and it was spacious enough to walk, unlike one of the Taiwan night market I have been to.

We went to a local cafe for dinner after searching for a decent place for food for a long time. Despite the food being oily as usual but I enjoyed it pretty much, at least the rice and the steamed vege isn't oily. And it's curry too! I ordered extra soup as well. :)

I saw a board that caught my attention when we were searching for the restaurant, but I didn't pause to take a photo of it because they seemed to be walking pretty fast. So after dinner, I was excitedly pointing at the direction that we came, telling them that I want to go back there again. I remembered the direction despite being a direction sense fool!

But we stopped at some shirts stand and bought a couple of cheap shirts. I was pretty hyper by then so basically when I see something I like, I just say "I want!" and I got a number of shirts for free, a treat by my aunty.

Finally, we were back at the place where I saw the board. I have been looking at advertisement boards ever since the first day I landed in Hong Kong, hoping to find someone I like on them. I recalled seeing 2 Jolin advertisement on the TV, one's Whisper, the other's Koobee.

Ella Koon's boards. Hee hee. :]
Oh yah, I know who's above. That's Rainie Yang.

A closer zoom up. :]
Acting like a small fan. There isn't much hardcore fans in Hong Kong, everybody seems so busy with life to bother about such stuffs.

Hee hee. Another one as we walked further. :]

The previous one was a bit dark so I zoomed out. I just noticed there was another smaller Ella Koon poster on the walls in the shop. :]

Okay. Imma happy now. Back to the shopping story.

We stopped at Crocs, I got myself a pair of Hello Kitty shoes. I was too hyper, and someone made me attracted to Hello Kitty stuffs for some weird reasons. We stopped at Bossini and Giordano too. Didn't got any stuffs afterwards.

Except my cousin who got an ice cream treat from me because I was very happy. And she found child size socks to match with the new Adidas shoe she bought. I think I'm a little mad now. Hee hee. I even saw Alice in Wonderland shirts in Mong Kok. A pity I didn't like the cloth material and the cutting of the shirt didn't suit me.

I spotted another CD shop at Mong Kok and I went there. Invisible force drawing me you see. I found the 2 CDs I bought at HMV, and what do you know, HMV is way cheaper. Unbelieving. So next time you wanna get any CDs from Hong Kong, get it from HMV, it is not a rip off.

I spotted another Ella Koon magazine as well, this time it's a weddings magazine. But it's too thick and kinda expensive. As well as my habit of reading and putting it there. But I think I got some images of it online afterwards.

Near Midnight
We spent a long time outside, maybe because it's the last day of free roaming. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is our Disneyland trip!!!

So this will be the last time I'll be taking Hong Kong MTR, I've got some pictures which I've taken shyly with my handphone camera. Hong Kong MTR's pretty much the same as Singapore but I feel it's much faster.

Not to mention it's awesome. Why? Because there's shops INSIDE the MTR station and there's toilet too. Shops include 7-eleven, food shops, clothes shops, bookstore, ATM too, ... So that means I can eat and drink there as long as I'm not on the platform. Long journey of walking when we were transferring were accompanied by those shops, unlike the cold walls in Singapore's MRT.

And I recalled laughing really badly on the 2nd day when I first board it. Because they will repeat the next station 3 times in 3 different languages, Cantonese, Chinese and English. The English version of the stops is just a rip off from the Cantonese word. At least Singapore took the effort to translate it.

So here's the station. The station looked different for different lines. This line is less crowded and so I dared to take out my camera.

Inside the MTR. No Michelle (my youngest cousin), I didn't mean to take you but thanks for looking at the camera.

The station names in Chinese, or should I say, Cantonese? I couldn't read quite a number of words. :/

And lastly the chair.

It's a long post, a long day. Let's make it a wrap. Day 4/5 will consists lots of Hong Kong Disneyland photos. Till then.

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