Friday, October 14, 2011

I might just have a lucid dream

Our thought recall process is very weak, regardless we are conscious, sub-conscious, or unconscious at that time. The moment someone breaks it with a causal conversation, you might forget it, unless you were focusing on it so hard for the past few minutes.

Since it is by the far the most "curious" incident I had in a dream. I decided to jot it down. The dream details are going to be short and sweet. I can't guarantee that for the explanations.

I was in a dream with Jolin walking beside me, suddenly a thought went through my head, I was telling myself, since it is a dream I might as well do something more than tagging beside her. And I reached up to grab hold of her hand and held it cross fingers style (maybe a bit forcefully).

No the main focus is not that I held her hands, the main focus is that I was actually aware, only for a split second though that I was in a dream.

It could have happened due to a few possibilities though. I am more aware of my conscious, sub-conscious or/and unconscious state(s). I am more aware of dreams, aware of dreams doesn't mean I know dreams exist, it means I have figured that I can make myself dream of a certain thing (mostly person/group of people) if I kept thinking about it for the whole day.

The last explanation is because I know that I kept dreaming of Jolin, thus my unconscious took it and used it in the dream. That sounds more logical though. Unless I can prove that lucid dreaming can happen for a split second.

Plus I have been wanting to say, I have been dreaming everyday nowadays. Even if the dream is vague or I barely can recall even the slight details, I knew I had dreamt. This make me pondered, did dreams always occur when I was young too when I kept wishing I had more dreams? Just that I wasn't aware enough to take note of it.

Someone told me that she kept dreaming of her idol too, I wondered how true it is, or it's fabricated. Because I know it is not easy to continuous dream of the same thing/person every night. Unless you have the same powers as me. ;)

Want to try it? Just think of that person for the whole day, he/she will come to meet you in your dreams. I am not sure how successful that is though, but just think of it so hard that nothing else matters to you in the world, it might happen. All the best. :)

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