Sunday, October 30, 2011

Running Dream

I'm going to do a short recollection of yet another dream I had. They said it's good to jot down dreams you have. This one is rather unique to me. Because it seems that everybody had running dreams so often, it's one of my rather uncommon dreams.

It happened yesterday so it's rather vague to me now. Basically I was among a crowd, all of a sudden, we were the targets of officers although we did nothing wrong. The most we did was refusal of doing something, or forgetting to do it.

So I was running and turning at corners smoothly, at amazing speed too I must say. It might be because of the games I played recently, an action running game, and an action/horror/strategy game that scared the hell outta me when I was playing it.

Finally when my energy was drained and I was tired of running, I entered an amusement park. I noticed the officers were still searching for me there. I saw a train ride in the amusement park. I paused for a moment and considered my chances. Afterwards, I stepped passed the queuing barrier, stood still, closed my eyes and waited for the train.

The train passed and nothing happened. I opened my eyes. With a slight feeling of disappointment. I made my body laid horizontal on the barrier, with head area on one side of one barrier, and legs area on the other side of another barrier, beneath me were the train tracks. The train passed me, and nothing happened again. My legs were not even injured.

And so I continued running, legs perfectly normal as before. Somehow due to some fortunate turn of events, I managed to turned into a corner and the officers lost sight of me. And I was searching for people. Anybody.

I found a group of people in a car and I tagged along. From then onwards, I threw my identity away. If anybody asked me anything, I would either not respond or I would speak very slowly with short sentences (respond consists of "Pika" only). I recalled seeing an image of a Pokeball before I started speaking that way.

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