Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Death and Telepathy with the Death

Omg! Weirdest dream ever. There are going to be a lot of "Wth" moments in this dream.

The dream started at my house. I was in the living room, at the dining table doing my work. My friend, let's call him KG, came and sat beside me. So KG was looking at what I was doing. After a while, he placed his arms on the table and leaned his head on his arms. Taking a nap perhaps?

Never did I expect that when I try to interact with KG again, he's dead. Breathless and lying peacefully at the table.

Then a crowd appeared, namely my family members. He was shifted to lie on the sofa afterwards. They were crowding around him, looking at him, I have no idea what they are doing with him but whatever it is, it seems that not many people are afraid of his dead body. KG is a pretty nice person in reality, just maybe a little eccentric at times.

The next thing I knew, my mother came and talked to me telling me that she had telepathy with him and he wants to speak with me. So I was guided out of the house door and to the corridors by my aunty, who came up with the telepathy method.

She started preparations, like oning the switch for the DVD player and the television. And afterwards putting a disc into the player (or did she even place a disc?). I recalled the disc and the cover was messily placed on top one and another and I was trying to get the cover off the place where the disc was supposed to be placed in the DVD player. And afterwards things happened quickly.

I was standing outside my house then, looking from the window into the house, at the sofa where KG was lying. My aunty placed my right hand on KG's forehead and I started to feel a little drowsy. The next thing I know, his eyes opened wide and I shut my eyes instantly, with a little fear in my heart. But the special feeling didn't continued when I shut my eyes and I could hear voices from outside saying "His eyes are opened, his eyes are opened!"

So I opened my eyes and his eyes stared back at mine, big and wide, and a little darkish that symbolizes he's already dead. Then I felt the magic working and I was knocked unconscious. I was expecting to see him in the dream. But something funny happened. I was looking at a game screen with 2 cute characters, one being me, the other being him. And we are playing a game together.

Running through obstacles, escaping from enemies and trying to reach the goal. I wasn't that good at it. But it was kind of a cherry theme. The dream ended when we lost the game.

I was back at the scene at the house. And afterwards they were discussing about his spirit would appear and others would get a shock. And I said KG is a nice guy so no worries there. The End.

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