Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Just Have a Sudden Realisation

I don't have to give Jolin up. I mean if I really give her up it's going to be really troublesome, *looks at all the stuffs in my cupboard*. Lazy.

What I should, is to give up my stupid social life. I just deactivated my facebook, and accidentally set my sub facebook email to my old facebook's email. And viola, I can't access my old facebook anymore, that's akin to deleting it.

I just mentioned giving up my social life? Well my sub facebook account consists mostly of friends and family members that I WILL meet in real life. It's for connecting friends, not senselessly adding friends. Although I still have this aching sensation because I can't access my old facebook anymore. Lols.

Let's hope this is not a passing statement.

I've moved all Jolin's and F.I.R.'s and other random artistes' photos to my HDD. From now on, I need to make a straight distinction between real life and social life. Seriously.

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