Friday, November 4, 2011

RuneScape Halloween 2011

RuneScape Halloween Event is usually memorable to me, however this year's only memorable thing was the massive headache I got when I was trying to solve the 3 puzzles + quiz.

To add on, I wasn't feeling very well either. I recalled one of last year's puzzle, "Green Lights, Red Lights" being very fun. Although it took us quite some time to realise what exactly was going on.

However, I'm quite satisfied with this year's event rewards, specifically, a mask, a necklace and a shirt.

To start off, you head to the Clan Camp right outside of Faladour (you need to walk a certain distance after reaching the Clan Camp though) and speak to Frank. So after getting your necklace, or otherwise known as the Deathcon Lanyard, you are granted access to their Citadel, which is the event location.

First puzzle is the easiest of all, upon teleporting to the Citadel, search for the first NPC whom you can speak to. That will be "Beauty", a statue. You're supposed to select the right statues for each of the Clan's members and place them at their rightful positions at the entrance.

This is roughly what you'll get if you're heading towards the right direction. No clues given for this round, it's too easy. :P

I wasn't exactly born with good direction sense, so after clearing the first puzzle, I was supposed to go to "The Keep" for my second puzzle. However, I searched high and low for "The Keep", reading every noticeboard that comes my way but nothing was found.

In the end, I looked at a walkthrough video on youtube to find the location.

The best part was I have been to that building for a couple of times.

So "The Senate" is the first floor of the building, and "The Keep" is the second floor of that building. And I thought each building was supposed to have their own unique name. Why don't you tell me at the very beginning that I was supposed to go to the 2nd floor of "The Senate"???

Erm yah, those are stairs. Not very obvious I must say, I've missed it a couple of times because the chairs were more eye-catching if you refer to the previous screenshot.

So... Time for some...

And they showed you a skull of doom.

The rules are easy to get, I just need some trial and error...

And I guess I'm halfway done, anyone can guess what this is?

A Pumpkin! Pretty impressive I must say!

That's what you call "Pixel Art", although clicking the tiles one by one is rather tedious.

Last but not least, the chicken fireworks puzzle. Just head up the ladders once more from "The Keep" and you'll be on the roof.

Frank preferred to call the chicken "Horses" though. It's some experimental chickens that went wrong. It's made up of 4 different coloured chickens that were trapped in time, and fusing to form one unique chicken. I'm not sure whether am I making sense here.

This is what you'll see.

You're stuck with a chicken with no other clues given, not even a rulebook, and the only thing you can do is random clicking.

So here's a partial solution for one of the fireworks.

Yellow circles are Horses and the fireworks respectively, red lines are the L-shape pattern that Horses move in because nobody taught the chicken to move in a straight line!

The spot that Horses is standing at is initially another firework and I was down to the last one at that time. If any time you are stuck when doing that puzzle, my suggestion is to leave that area (the fireworks you have already set will be gone, no worries of it reappearing again) and re-enter it.

The last solution to all your troubles is to follow RuneScape wiki:

Down to the last one.

After you're done with everything, you're not exactly done yet. There's still a trivia for you from an NPC called "Fame" and you'll be rewarded with the Mask.

Fame is located inside "The Theater", the location of "The Theater" is on the roof, the same location where Frank and Horses are located at. If you look at your mini-map carefully, you'll see a door which leads to a room.

I'm not exactly a fan of the quiz, I did attempt it but not thoroughly. If you're up for some roaming, why not? If you just want to get it done and over with, head to the RuneScape wiki again:

It keeps a sane man sane.

I haven't mention what I like most about this year Halloween Event yet.

The Punch!

Okay enough of joking around, let's head back to Death and grab your reward. His tent is guarded by his undead puppy, you can't miss him.

A pat on your shoulder for a job well done.

Oh wait, a new emote, let me try it out!

And an epic battle between me and Death begins!

Before Deathcon II

After DeathCon II

The End. ☺

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