Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've rewatched "Titanic" after more than a decade had passed. It still remains as one of the grandest movie in our century.

I've gained new insights, both about the movie and about life. Surprisingly, this movie was made as close to historical events as possible. In the past, I thought it took the gist of the historical event and rewrote a whole new story. However, our favourite characters in this movie, Rose & Jack Dawson, are fictional.

Of course it didn't came suddenly that I had the urge to watch it. My script-writing lecturer was using Titanic's script as an example last year. She showed us about half an hour to an hour of the 3 hours long movie. I wanted to watch the whole thing.

I must say the aftereffect of the movie was pretty bad. It creeps me out and I think I'm slightly traumatic. Like someone who was commenting about a video footage of the real Titanic shipwreck deep under the sea "To me, this is creepy to watch. I feel like I'm drowning."

I believe most people are like me, upon seeing the ship sinking, you're thinking of possible ways of staying alive, together with the characters in the movie.

The sailors of Titanic are absolutely professional; more would have died without their help. They could have survived on their own but I believed many died while saving others. If for just a moment human's selfishness prevails, many many more passengers would have died. I could be wrong though, because that's what I got from the movie.

And to add on, I'll be going on a cruise trip next month, so after watching "Titanic"...

Before I talk about the sinking aspect of "Titanic", let's talk about the amazing things that were made to make this movie a legend.

1. Miniatures & Life Size Models

I don't know about you guys but I find it very amazing. With the computer technology back then, many things could be hard to achieve. And to add in to the realism, a combination of miniatures, life size models, and computer effects were put in together. And they shuffled between several techniques so that the overall appearance would appear more lifelike.

And I have been through it, I know how hard it is to make a good miniature without driving one nuts. So imagine the passion they had.

2. The Research

I recalled a scene detailing how exactly Titanic was when it was sinking. And there were non-fictional characters in the movie too, like the Captain and the Carpenter. The most surprising thing was the actors looked almost like those characters.

3. Last but not least, the whole movie crew.

That's needless to elaborate.

What I like best

Titanic's Grand Staircase

Such fine craftsmanship can hardly be seen today. It sure looks Grand, definitely fitting for the "first class".

What I find interesting

1. People Falling
It can be seen at the end of the above video clip. When Titanic was nearing its end of submerging into the depths of the sea, it became vertical. People who were at the edge of the ship were slightly luckier.

However for people who were clinging on any thing that they could see, it was quite bad when people on the top fell on them, causing them to lose their grip and eventually falling into the sea below.

I don't know whether I should be laughing or what. Cause I was imagining someone would probably be cursing as they had found the perfect balance, only to be strike down by a force that fell from the skies.

2. The Father
When Titanic is nearing its end, some people could be seen praying near a Father. His hand had gone all red from the grasps of other's hands.

I had no idea they are praying to live or praying for a painless death. If they want to live, the least they could do is to get up and go to a more favourable position like Rose & Jack. If they are praying for a painless death then god bless them. It's not like there's nothing much they can do now.

What I might do if I were on-board

I personally think Jack's idea of staying on-board for as long as possible was splendid. It didn't occurred to me that the longer one's body is spent in the waters, the faster one will die. Because our body temperature loses heat much faster in water than on air.

However if I were them, I would probably get off the ship before it's totally sucked inside by the sea. To avoid the pressure from the sucking so it's easier to stay on the surface of the water. Jack also found a broken wooden door for Rose to stay afloat, it might be a good idea if he gets something to stay afloat too, and they might have survived together.

So what will I do if I'm on-board? Get onto the boat or cling onto one. At least the chances of survival is much higher, even if it means dropping into the sea first.

New Insights

I recalled the movie mentioning 3 famous people. One being Picasso, second being Freud and third being Monte if I didn't remember wrongly. Picasso and Monte were artists, Freud is a psychologist / psychiatrist. I would have miss Freud's name if I didn't read about his works before.

My mother mentioned she brought me to watch the movie when I was young. I couldn't remember and I doubt I enjoyed it. A 3 hours long romance and tragic movie is definitely not appealing to a young kid, unless it's a 3 hours long cartoon.

But now that I'm much older, I could feel the pain of swimming in the ice cold water, the panic of one's life ending soon, the luxury of the ship... So at the end of the day I would like to make a conclusion, there's nothing that's unsinkable. And I wouldn't want to watch this movie again because I don't want to go through the trauma twice.

"Titanic" felt like a thriller to me after watching it. And I had a mixture of feelings so complex I couldn't describe what I was feeling anymore. As I was cowering under my blanket yesterday, the ship sinking images flashed through my mind and for a moment I was thinking how my death would be like.


  1. I watched it a couple of weeks ago with my 15 y-o niece. It was the third time that I saw it.
    The last time I saw it was the year it was released, and back then I was very young so I thought it was quite boring since it lasts 3 hours XD
    But when I saw it again with my niece I thought "wow that's a nice movie actually", and the "bad guy" seemed less bad to me than back then, I understood him more.
    So I feel the same when you say that you "understand" more the movie than when you were a kid. And for a couple of weeks now "My Heart Will Go On" is screaming in my head, I can't get rid of it XD

  2. Yup. I didn't know how great this movie was when I first saw it. I was too young to recall any other details other than the iceberg and the ship sinking.

    Currently, my head is still flashing images of the royal suites rooms. It's so beautiful! <3