Monday, November 28, 2011

What Pokemon Am I?

I was randomly looking at facebook for pages to like because my sub account, which is my current active account, is too deprive of activities. And I happened to come across a Pokemon Event with the description, "For the month of December 2011, make your profile picture a Pokemon that represents you the most!"

So I was thinking what Pokemon am I?

I took a look at my Pokemon photos folder and found a bunch of Pikachu photos. "I couldn't possibly be a Pikachu," I thought.

So I randomly searched for a Pokemon Personality Test and clicked on the first link that appeared. What do you know? I got a Pikachu! It's a bit accurate, like all other typical personality tests, but Pikachu is still too cute to fit me. XP

I am a Pikachu!
I just find the image cute. :)