Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Hugs

What has this world turned to? Why are there so many people uncared for? So many people suffering in silence. No one to turn to.

Of course we can't care for all the people in this world, even if we do, we usually only take note of people whom are suffering physically. What about those people who are suffering from mental torture?

There are so many cases in this world, probably including the friend sitting next to you.

Just because we don't say a word, doesn't mean we're not hurt. Even if we do, all we get is laughed at and people telling us there are much more unfortunate people out there. Other unfortunate people, that's their business. You can't compare their pain to our pain. Everybody handle pain differently.

And because there are so many uncaring people like them, many people really go into serious depression because people treat what they said as a joke when they tell them they really have depression.

To all those suffering people...
Free Hugs?

No I'm joking, here's a teddy bear hug for you!

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