Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 4

After a long time of hesitation... Carrot presents Hong Kong Disneyland!

We reached there in the afternoon because we had to travel from our previous hotel and plus a little delay here and there. And when we reached, we need to wait for a while before we could check in. So we explored the entrance parts of Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse Is Everywhere~

Day View

Night View

Daisy Duck

Coming to Disneyland is like a dream come true to kids. All your favourite characters come to life! And 24 hours of Disney Channel!

Upon entering the gates~

Posters of shows at Disneyland

Stepping foot into Disneyland

The first attraction we visited showcased some of Disney (and Disney Pixar) most famous movies. I took a lot of photos of my favourite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Beast Statue

Belle Statue

Beauty and the Beast Drawings (Expanded View)

Fully coloured drawing of a scene in Beauty and the Beast
The colours of the drawing blended nicely

Animations were done with pieces of paper in the past

Concept Art for Beast

Rough sketch of Beast and Belle

Previous edition of Beauty and the Beast

Disney Pixar Zoetrope

It starts animating when it spins at a very fast speed plus the usage of blinking vertical lights

Scribbles of Toy Story characters on a whiteboard

Aladdin Concept Art

Tarzan Concept Art

Ratatouille Concept Art

And before we headed back to put our stuffs in the hotel, I saw my aunty and cousin queuing up to take photo with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so I excitedly joined in, like a big kid.

Smile :)

Our rooms are finally ready and what do you know? Mickey Mouse Is Everywhere~

Mickey Mouse Decorative Plate

Mickey Mouse Cup, Mickey Mouse Shampoo and Soap

Mickey Mouse Toilet Curtains

Mickey Mouse Paper

And last but not least, Mickey Mouse Room Card!

We went back in to Disneyland again, and this time we are ready to play some rides without our heavy baggage. Our first stop, Tomorrowland!

To Infinity and Beyond!

Walking through the long passageway to the ride with Buzz Lightyear themed decorations

Main Gameplay: The car travels in a set route, however players are able to control its rotation. The objective of the game is to shoot down as many enemies as possible. Ranking will be shown at the end of the ride based on your score.

Did I mentioned I am very bad at shooting games?

I guess it took me a while to realise that the gun actually work because I missed too many shots. Grandma in the front car was obviously bored.

One of the enemies

We took other rides like indoor roller coaster and flying dumbo.

I was so excited about the trip that I totally forgot I have phobia for roller coaster. To make matters worst, the person sitting beside me was a total stranger. So by the time I was in the ride, the "Oh-oh" sound rang in my head. I gripped the handle for my life!

But I guess it wasn't as bad as the Mummy ride in USS.

Nightfall came pretty fast and we entered a final attraction which is an interactive Stitch show. After the show, it was pretty dark and almost all the rides were closed. So we took a long glance at the Castle lights show. But we came in pretty late so we were blocked by many.

A lighted up Disney Castle

The first castle show ended and we took a little exploration in the dark.

Under a beautiful light in a jungle area

The glowing lantern

The second castle show was about to start and we managed to grab a front seat

I bought a Mickey Mouse Jelly and someone decided to appear in the photo with it

Let's say goodbye to Disneyland for now, see you tomorrow! :)

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