Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 5

The day started with a light breakfast at Disneyland. But I didn't have the appetite to eat anything; stomach's usually closed in the morning.

While they were having breakfast...

I noticed a flock of baby birds gathering around.

Next, my uncle was saying that we should leave all the photo taking with characters aside and focused on taking all the rides.

So there goes my Chip & Dale... T.T

But before I knew it, my cousin was queuing up to take photo with Disney Princesses. And I was thinking, so much for making use of our time. I ran away and came back with a butter corncob - my breakfast.

I didn't take any photo with the Disney Princesses though, I refused to take photo with any characters that are revealing their faces, don't want to spoil my own childhood. :P

Since we visited Tomorrowland yesterday, we headed to Fantasyland today!

Our first ride, Merry-Go-Round!

What a Beautiful Horse! ^^

Mickey sculpture was around and this reminded me of one of my favourite episodes, The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

And our hardworking broom, too hardworking I must say.

Next we went to a 4D show, and it was really well done. The screen covered the side of the walls too, other than the stage. At the end of the show, a real Donald (a sculpture though) appeared off the screen.

The Mickey Door to the 4D show theater.

Posters on the way there, the Hades one looks special. :)

And there's a Genie poster too!

The next ride is like a ride made for me my Eeyore.


Eeyore... (And my Baby Eeyore)

Eeyore Ride (aka Pooh Bear Ride)

And more Eeyore!!!

The End. :)

After a lane down my childhood memories, it's time for lunch! The cafe was Castle themed with some of Disney classics statues.

Cinderella under a massive light

And my favourite, Beauty and the Beast! :)

The helpers at Disneyland kind of don't treat me as a child anymore so I don't get any free stickers. But they gave my cousin and she'll give it to me, especially if it's Eeyore, but I think we didn't get an Eeyore one.

However when I was buying my lunch, the cashier got impatient waiting for me to dig out my money and she smacked a few pieces of the same stickers on my tray. My first free stickers?

A sword in a heart glass window (at the Cafe)

The food wasn't that bad. After the few days of oily food at Hong Kong, Disneyland's food was the best! I got myself a plate of Curry Chicken Rice + Tomato Soup. And afterwards we continued with our rides.

Flying Dumbo!
Love the water effects at the background of the photo.

And what do you know? We saw more Disney characters mascots walking around so we went to take photo with them again! Just when we were about to take photo with Pooh Bear, he left and after a few minutes another Pooh Bear came back.

What do I mean by another? Most probably they swapped people because this Pooh Bear coming back walks like a gangster. Lols.

I took my Eeyore to take a photo with him.

Eeyore's in this photo too, the Pooh just kinda took it and stuffed it under his shirt, smelly.

I vaguely hear the helpers talking about me bringing an Eeyore. Well, there isn't an Eeyore around. And Pooh is his only friend... So... :)

And a Donald Duck wearing Chinese Costume.

Took me a long time to find Alice in Wonderland characters but they are back-facing me...

My favourite Cheshire Cat...

And the White Rabbit who's always in a rush.

We took 2 more rides at Fantasyland, one is Mad Hatter's Tea Cups and another is a boat ride with a very cheery theme.

Next, on our way to Adventureland, I spotted an interesting thing.

Some really interesting statues...

That will spit water at people!!!

Close up of one, but it's kinda cooling though because the weather was rather hot.

Next we took a river boat ride as a family. And previously we were discussing whether or not to look at the parade, but we decided not to. However after the boat ride, we realised the parade's coming close to us, so me and little aunty ran for it and we managed to watch the ending of the parade.

I recalled I went back to Main Street, U.S.A. to attend a short drawing class for Minnie Mouse together with my cousin and mother. My drawing skills ain't that great though, and I was the only one smart enough to bring an eraser there. :P

We head back to Adventureland afterwards to take a last final ride, as most of them are tired, only a few of us went.

It's across the river.

So we took a raft there.

The last attraction of the day, presenting "Tarzan's Treehouse".

It's right across the bridge.

Baby Tarzan.

An ancient piano.

Tarzan and Jane.

And a not-so-alive skeleton.

Sadly we were in a rush and I didn't get the chance to play this.

Before we go, I must say this elephant looks really real life! O.o

We headed for a Lion King musical and I thought it will be as bad as USS, but it was unexpectedly good, even with the Cantonese sound in it (only partially). The best thing was there was air-con inside, air-con~ I was sweating really bad for the whole day, maybe I've lose some weight because of that? *Angel's Emoticon*

I was trying so hard to take a photo of Timon but HE JUST CAN'T STAY STILL!

A bit better? :|

Simba, he's stationary though but I bet there's someone pulling some strings to make his head move.

After the musical, they stayed for another round of Castle Lights Show. I stayed for the first but I was kinda tired so I told my mother we should go back to the room first, after all we've already watched the second show and the crowd afterwards will be terrible. But before that, I got myself another round of corncobs! ^^

I also did a lot of shopping during my final day at Disneyland!

A last Eeyore photo, pull Pooh pull!

The next day, we got to say goodbye to Disneyland. Before I forget, one last round of Eeyore's photos on the bed.

We're heading to the airport afterwards.

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