Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Yes I know I'm 20 days late, but what do you know, Chinese New Year's just 3 days away so I'm still on time! :)

First some overdue events


Christmas was spent with family and we decided to play some childhood games because I was sick of playing cards. We were playing "Green Lights, Red Lights", "A, E, I, O, U" or otherwise known as “一、二、三木頭人” in Chinese. There are other variations for its name but I guess most of you get what it is.

Basically one person face the wall and say "A, E, I, O, U". We have to walk as quickly as possible to reach the counting person. The moment he/she says "U", they turn around and other players have to freeze. Their job now is to eliminate players by making them move, or laugh. :D

My uncle decided to join in the fun too and he's exceptionally good at making all of us laugh. I gave up on one round and decided to use an unforeseen method to counter.

The moment he stopped counting, I immediately sat on the floor and closed my eyes. My plan failed though, and everyone burst into laughter.

The rest of the day was spent with playing more card games, more childhood games (lots of running especially) and eating. Oh nom nom nom.

There was a special Christmas present I received this year too...

1 million GP from RuneSlayer!


New Year's Eve:

New Year Eve was spent with family as well. We had dinner at Chinatown before shopping around stores that were set up at Chinatown only during Chinese New Year. Life was easy. Any food we want, we just say and we get it. :D

I feel like a kid when I'm with my cousins and I do lots of running. Some extra exercise is good too! :)

But the festive mood didn't hit me till I went back home and get on RuneScape. Yes same as Christmas, New Year was spent on RuneScape too. Well snow and Christmas trees and decorations sure make it more merry, even if they were virtual. There were lots of others celebrating on RuneScape too so I was lagging big time and I've to set my settings to "minimum".

Everyone saying "Happy New Year (again)!"

Random balloon animals started appearing and players were bursting them. We get nothing though, just entertainment.

And then we started forming a line to head to another spot for another country's countdown. Countdown was over about 2/3 hours in my country by then.


Chinese New Year

Last but not least Happy Chinese New Year to everyone, and a funny image by Jolin the Angry Bird. :P

Ps: Did anyone notice I was wearing an Angry Bird t-shirt during Christmas too? :P


  1. wow runescape! bring back memories of my sec school days....

    1. Hee hee. I like to go back during the festive season. Collect some holiday items! :D

    2. lol what level are you at now? it only attracted me for a while because the PK system is kinda restricting and that its graphic not that good. i played perfect world international though...

    3. My main is around 82 I think. Not that high because I was busy training other things. I like the fact that I can train one thing this day, and another the next day. :)

      I find the graphics pretty good though. Everyone can make high resolution graphics pretty, but RuneScape's one of those few left that can make low resolution graphics pretty too. Sadly it's moving towards high resolution too and I'm lagging pretty badly sometimes.