Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hong Kong Trip Day 6

It's finally time to give this trip a conclusion.

As I was saying, I was heading towards the airport. I placed my lappy in the hotel's locker when I was walking around Disneyland so I didn't feel the pressure of it. But now that I'm at the airport, not only am I carrying my lappy, I am carrying bags and bags of the goods I bought from Disneyland. XP

We had our last meal at Hong Kong, a light Dim Sum breakfast and we did some last minute shopping. The adults bought some mooncake and biscuits while I was searching for my last present for my friend, Mustaffa.

He ingeniously told me he wanted a furry butterfly so I went to check out a toy shop. What do you know? I found myself a FURRY BUTTERFLY PEN!

I went to check the last few book stores I could see in the airport but Ella's book 《原來妳》was nowhere in sight. I guess I can only buy it off the net now when I have a visa card in the future.

Joelle, my little cousin, opened up another chocolate egg and gave me one. Here's what we got from the eggs. ^^

Pooh Bear and Roo, the Baby Kangaroo

The PokeBall is a keychain torchlight I got from a packet of Pokemon biscuits. I admit I bought the biscuits for that. I usually wouldn't go for such stuffs in Singapore but since I am overseas, it's okay to get kiddish stuffs once in a blue moon. :P

Beside them on the right is a special Disney coin.

Mickey Mouse, Wizard Apprentice's Coin

Serves as a reminder of my childhood. We could see the whole process of the coin being made in the machine. However the quality wasn't as good as what I had expected. But nonetheless, it's a special memento. :)

Here's my other Disney loots, Eeyore loots to be exact~ :P

A group photo.

There's more though but these are all the ones I had placed in a Disney plastic bag and stuffed in a corner in my cupboard, too lazy to unpack. :P

Last but not least, a Stitch cushion I got for Li Yi as her birthday present. :)

Took me a long time to find one that's similar to the one in the photo she sent me. This is the closest I could get. The body is different but at least the head looked the same.

Flying back to Singapore, and realised Eeyore's colour coincidentally matched the airplane's small cushion's colour.

Eeyore tries to sit near the window seat...

And... Bye Bye, Hong Kong!

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