Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gravity Duck

Gravity Duck 1

I'm a fan of Gravity Duck (almost wanted to type Angry Duck). And I like the first version so much I've completed the game roughly 5 times. Well maybe that's not a lot but the levels are fixed.

In fact I still have the application on my Chrome because I feel the re-playability value is still there although I've cleared it more than once. When I clicked on it recently, I realised there's GRAVITY DUCK 2.

I was so happy and I immediately when to play it.

However... The game is bad. If I am going to be a critic, the game is terrible. It doesn't feel like Gravity Duck any more. It feels like another typical gravity game. To put it plainly, it has lost the essence that made it so fun. The challenge. The innovative items. The only item I like in Gravity Duck 2 is the dog. The rest is just... Speechless.

Therefore, "Gravity Duck 2: The Dumb Version"

Sorry to the creators who made it. I know how hard it is to make game. But if it can't be enjoyed, we should let the first stay triumphant in history forever and not let the second ruined everything for it.

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