Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Last of School For Now

Feeling a little restless and tired today. It was the first since the start of my infinite school holidays as I had submitted the last of my assignments.

If nothing stupid happens, I'll be graduating successfully.

As of now, I have no plans to go to University yet.

*Looks at unpleasant cumulative GPA*

The only thing I'm proud of is I look good in my graduation booklet. Like a cute guy. :P Haha. And that was when I realised I am androgynous, not a butch as one ignorant person was saying. That bear-sheep mutant I met in a chatroom. Being androgynous is my gift, not a skill that can be picked up. :)

I woke up feeling drained today.

My grandma asked me was I lacking sleep because I looked tired. I said no. I just woke up in a very bad state. Suddenly feel it's very tiring to love. Liking is fine. Liking is the happiest stage. But when it comes to love and nothing happens although you want something to happen... Will the story continues or end before it even starts?

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