Monday, April 16, 2012


Never have I been so much of a potterhead before. But this is truly a site worth getting excited about. I can see lots of effort gone into making this site although many of us would probably complain about the reading. Initially I was expecting a forum for all potter fans to gather together but pottermore turned out to be a visual novel mmorpg to me.

There are two things you can expect yourself to get excited about in pottermore. Wand Choosing and House Sorting. Not including choosing your username.

We only had 5 to choose from and you might find yourself landed with some weird names. I have never used "Wolf" or "Bronze" in my names before and this was the first. But I couldn't relate with the rest and although I fancied a username with "Knight", I know it didn't suit me. Now that I look back, "Knight" is in association with loyalty. No wonder I didn't get into Hufflepuff when I was half-expecting myself to be in there.

The traits for Hufflepuff are friendly, kind, hardworking and loyal. I can do all these but I'll get tired if I don't reap any sow from them.

I find myself getting sorted into Ravenclaw.

I'll admit that I need some getting used to. The traits of Ravenclaw are individualistic, intelligent and eccentric. To put it nicely, we're unique. To put it nasty, we have a huge ego when it comes to believing that we're different, and most possibly, better.

These were probably traits I have long ago that I never acknowledged. Maybe because it wasn't tiring to live with those traits that's why they never crossed my mind much. I can be nice like a Hufflepuff but that's because my morale is telling me so, not how I really am. When I saw the eccentric trait, it suddenly strike me that I'm altering my beliefs so much that my thoughts will change almost every other day.

Okay, I shall accept that I'm intelligent. But it's good to be humble once in a while. :)

The best thing about Ravenclaw is the way to enter our common house. There will be a new quiz everyday and you need to figure out the answer before you can enter. The welcome letter stated that it isn't uncommon to see Ravenclaws gather together in front of the door to think of the answer together. The Ravenclaw welcome letter can be found with a simple google. I'm not going to insert the message here because it's a whooping 960 words, the longest letter of them all.

Here's a preview of my pottermore profile

My wand descriptions are in there too. Unlike the house sorting quiz, you can reselect your answers if you have chosen wrongly for the wand selection quiz. I was satisfied with my answers and I proceed on, only to find a less than appealing wand. It's growing on me now though, especially after I read the wand's descriptions. I didn't know there will be details like this but that just goes to show how well-planned pottermore is.

My wand is 12 and a 1/2 inch long supple wand made of pine wood with dragon core.

The length of your wand is dependent on how much your character is lacking in something. The usual range is 9 inch - 14 inch so I'm happy with my wand's length. I don't have a strong character but no, I'm not weak either. I feel like I'm doing a character analysis for myself here.

The flexibility or rigidity of your wand represents your degree of adaptability and willingness to change. For my case, my wand's flexibility is supple. I've been looking around and it's rather rare. And I believe supple is the most flexible and willing to change and adapt. Talk about changing beliefs everyday. Lols.

Explanation of a dragon heartstrings core wand

*Thumbs up to prone to accidents* Looks at scars all over body.

Explanation of a pine wood wand

The independent and individual description fitted with Ravenclaw's traits. I should have known. And I smiled when I read the owner of a pine wand lives a long life. :)

Okay that's about it. Enough of spoilers and sorry for some egoism in the traits I discovered with regards to my house and my wand. Explore the rest of pottermore for yourself, take your time and enjoy your stay, happy reading! :)


  1. "To put it nasty, we have a huge ego when it comes to believing that we're different, and most possibly, better."
    Wow I didn't think that at all when I read the "welcome message" lol

    I just thought that the guy seemed overconfident when he introduced the house of Ravenclaw. He thinks that the most eccentric, intelligent and different people are there but it doesn't necessarily mean that he and everybody in Ravenclaw is conceited by thinking that.

    When I said to some online friends that I've been sorted into Ravenclaw they said "no wonder why since you're smart!"
    (Unfortunately for me I don't have HP fans among my real life friends >_<)
    But your interpretation of this almost makes me want to change houses lol

    Sorry for the longest comment ever >_<

    1. I've gotten some of the interpretation of Ravenclaw house from myself. Which is how I viewed myself. And I admit I do believe I'm better than others but I wouldn't say anything about it in front of them.

      I'm not saying that everyone in Ravenclaw are conceited. But judging from the house cup points at pottermore, I would say Ravenclaws are rather competitive too. But not as competitive as Slytherins. I believe when pottermore no longer matters to us any more, it doesn't matter whether Ravenclaws are winning or losing the house cup.

      I don't have any real life friends in pottermore too. :(

  2. Sorry if I sounded a little rash by the way, that wasn't my intention >_<
    I think it's because I was quite astonished as well that you saw yourself like that. I mean, obviously I don't really know you, but that's not the image I have of you at the moment.

    And actually I don't care at all about the house cup.
    When I see some people's points I'm like "are they spending their lives doing duels and making potions???" lol
    I mean, 251 670 points, that's crazy o_O

    It's frustrating sometimes when you're a fan of something and you can't share it with anyone in your real life.

    1. Haha. No you didn't sound rash.

      I have a vicious monster hidden inside me that wants to prove to the world I'm amazing. I guess we all have moments when we want others to think highly of us. But having a ego doesn't mean anything bad if you don't constantly boast about yourself. Guess I was a little "high" when I wrote that thus the extreme descriptions. ;)

      I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter actually. I'm just a huge fan of fantasy worlds and Harry Potter had one of the worlds I like.

  3. Yeah I totally agree with you.

    (And I like fantasy worlds as well ;) )
    I lost again against you!!! Revenge!! XD

    1. Hahaha.

      I've been using the same spell for every duel. *Hint Hint*