Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Phobia of Posting

I don't know why recently I pretty much don't feel like posting at my blog. I usually enjoy writing in any form, which is why I spend most of my online time at forums. Perhaps it's the fear of people reading that's weighting on me. I know any content that appears online is not private any more. But I guess I'm just pressurised by the view counts. Although I'm pretty sure the views counts are mostly lead by photos views.

And then there are times when I want to provide a quality post to my blog. Post that aids in critical thinking, as my friend pointed out, I like questioning things. But I realise there are flaws in my arguments or the whole debate essay is too pointless because it's been repeated many, many times. Not to forget that it might get me agitated for the wrong reasons.

Lastly, will be the "wonderful" blogger layout which got "upgraded" without our consent. The same scenario that happened to facebook, and users got used to the new template after a while even after their complains, including me. I know there is a need for freshness, for both the developers and the users, but the new posting method in blogger is screwing up my html more than usual. Now I have to be extra careful with how I am posting.


My Life in Two Words: 
Jobless Kid


  1. "My Life in Two Words:
    Jobless Kid"
    You're not the only one XDD

    "Perhaps it's the fear of people reading that's weighting on me."
    A friend of mine has a blog, and one day I talked to her about a thing she wrote and she was like "What? How do you know that?" "You wrote this on your blog".
    And a few days after she said that my comment made her realize that her blog was read by people other than her and it kinda creeped her out lol
    She knew people could read what she was writing, but it was another thing to know that people actually did.

    1. I've been going through a few interviews, hopefully I'll get accepted for the latest one I went. *Crosses fingers*

      I didn't mind people reading my blog. But I mind people I don't like reading my blog. It's just awkward. :x

  2. "But I mind people I don't like reading my blog. It's just awkward."
    I'd rather say normal lol

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (and for me at the same time lol)!