Thursday, May 3, 2012

RuneScape Artisan Crafting Task

I feel I need to say this. I have been crafting and firing that stupid clay ring so many times I was so sure there is a bug. The task description says something like YOU NEED TO CRAFT A CLAY RING.

So I sent Jagex a bug report telling them I'm unable to complete the task and I tried lots of different procedures to make it. I read the task hint thoroughly and there was no mentioning whatsoever about what went wrong with the way I made my ring.

I just realised recently after a Google search where the real problem lies. However, there are still a lack of sites in providing details about this so I thought I should help by making a blog post.

To Complete Artisan Crafting Task
You need to fire your ring at Draynor Village's pottery oven.

Location of Draynor Village pottery oven in the map

Location of Draynor Village pottery oven on your screen

That is all. Have a nice day.


  1. Phew. Thanks! I was beginning to wonder what else I needed to do.

  2. Damm! I suspect something was wrong with this! Thanks a lot this really helped a lot!