Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Worst Forum Ever

Perfect title.

Now let me start my post. Thou shall not speak its name, thou shall speak its link:

I have my fair share of cyber bulling at there, from name calling to individuals who think they are above a level to being an experimental subject? Doing an experiment by hurling abuses at a member is the most fascinating way to debate I have ever seen in a mature section. Do you have a teacher fetish?

Individuals from that forum have a flair of acting self-righteous after playing with their so-called target.

It started out a fine day. A supporter decide to support the recent saga created by a famous Singapore blogger.

Yada yada yada. She talks about her point. Usual. And she added "I didn't bother to read through the stuff.." Wonder. You don't know about the other side of the story and you want to engage in a debate.

So I told her.

"Read through our posts and you'll get two sides of the story. Neither one of us is right when we can't empathise with the other party. "

See I made an effort to make it rhyme and she didn't register that in her brain. She looked instead at the last paragraph in my reply where I made a bad attempt to empathise with the opposite while I harbour intentions to prove that I am right if I succeeded with the empathy.

With my last paragraph, she decided I'm a perfect test subject and brought me in to her experimental stages without my consent. Can I sue her?

Her reply

My reply

Her reply again

My reply back

And her final conclusion essay

Bitch please. Don't add a smiley face at the end of your post. It doesn't justify your actions to "tease" me. I am neither your friend nor your old friend. It's amusing how attackers try to bring you into the "friend" level and make others perceived I have learnt a lesson from thy sister.

One, you're in no way fit to educate me if you can't see both sides of the story.

Two, stop fangirling. It's disgusting.

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