Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Collection of Seaside Photos

I've been travelling to a few beaches in Singapore when I was in search of what I truly like in life, without any influence by people. It was then I realised I am attracted to the beach, as though the sea was calling to me. I felt a sense of calmness looking at the waves washing up the shoreline over and over again.

My adventure first started at Changi Point Boardwalk.
Every photo is precious to me so I am going to share all of them.

Photos are taken by my 2mp handphone camera.
I applaud it for its quality!

A beautiful combination of planks and sea

It was a pleasant experience to walk on this wooden path

An insect I encountered, unsure whether is it still alive

A combination of planks, greenery and scenery

The trees that stood tall in the shining light

I was enjoying a leisurely afternoon stroll on the path they build at Changi Boardwalk with only my handphone and its camera.

The first shoreline I found, it was sadly a little filthy

I decided to walk on the beach nonetheless, to experience the sands in my shoes. It was a really quiet beach, with no one around in eyes' view, which highly lifted the value of the trash on the beach. 

A 'moody' ship I spotted

I went back to my chalet because raindrops were dripping down. There was nothing much to do in the chalet except for playing repetitive card games of Poker and Monopoly Deal that my cousins never get sicked of.

It was a rare opportunity to be so near the nature in our busy city life so I'd rather make use of the opportunity to visit the sea and I never regretted it. My aunty and I agreed to visit the sea again shortly after my return to catch the sunset and the photo I managed to capture was beautiful beyond words.

A look at the sea

A combination of the sea and the skies, with the sun shining onto the waters

My aunty mentioned that the sunset was much better on the other side of Singapore but after visiting a few more seaside, this was the best photo I ever had. Kudos to my 2mp camera, you have done your job well!

Next stop, Labrador Park.

I didn't expect to chance upon the sea there, I only had memories of a steel monkey bar from my childhood. I was drawn by the sea the second time, disregarding the barrier that I had to climb over, dragging my innocent friend along my voyage to greet the sea. That was when I know the sea is truly for me.

The sea's shoreline was filled with stones

Thankfully for that, I managed to get a closer view of the waters as I made my way there using a path of stones.

The slightly gloomy sky and a further view of the sea

There was a similar wooden planking in Labrador Park as Changi Boardwalk but it was sealed off. In fact where I stood was sealed off by a barrier too. My friend's reasoning for that was there might be a possibility of high-tide considering all the trash were near the wall instead of lying around on the beach.

I glanced at the sea longer than my first adventure. I was calm, I was peaceful. All my thoughts were eliminated. The only worry I had was I might be cast with a spell to be that captivated by the sea. Doing absolutely nothing but staring at it. 

Stones filled with algae

Shifted my camera a little

Algae on the sand too

The sand only had my footprints :)

Say "Hi" to my feet! :P

After we climbed back up, I noticed a father and son climbing over the barrier and slowly making their way down to the beach. I was worried for a moment for being the culprit of leading others astray by "breaking the rules" to get to the sealed off beach. My friend reassured me that the father was sensible enough to know the dangers.

I forgot to mention, when I was standing on the beach, there were children constantly asking "How did they get there? How did they manage to get down there?" Imagine the triumphant expression on my face. :>

The third series of my adventures, East Coast Park.

I went down to East Coast Park to celebrate my friend's 20th birthday. It was a good break for the 4 of us by exercising through cycling. I had a much earlier dinner than them because I needed the food to restore my energy from cycling.

I was filled with energy after my dinner when the 3 of them were still feeble from their ride. They wanted neither more cycling or rollerblading. Reluctant to leave without doing anything much, I suggested a walk to the beach by phrasing in the most childish way that I wanted the beach.

I 'flew' down the 'flight' of sand as I got nearer and nearer to the sea

My friends were still hesitating whether to soil their shoes in the sand. I didn't even consider that for a moment! I waddled a little into the sea so if the waves come, it would cover just the surface of my feet. 

One of the nicest photos I had taken on this beach; the clean and beautiful shoreline

My friends finally decided to join me on the sand as one posed with her favourite milo

A sandcastle that was just beside me

I stared at the kid as I was baffled with the making of a sandcastle. It must have been too long since I last revisited reminisces of my childhood. The sand near the shoreline was probably not sturdy enough as the kid took his bucket of sand and let it infused with the seawater.

His poor tiny basketball was floating aimlessly on the water, being washed up by the waves again and again, unable to venture into the middle of the sea (fortunately for the kid) for a while as he was engrossed with the sand.

I climbed up to a wide man-made stone wall and sat on it

The stone was rough, the seat was sandy, it was a little hot too but that didn't bother me as the wonderful sea breeze surrounded me.

I was practically leading my friends around the whole time when I was near the beach. Stating every location I want to go, as they buried in fun-making with the sand...

And burying my feet

The sand was the softest among all the beach I had been to. I took out my slippers after my feet and slippers were soaked with seawater a few times. It was so comfortable walking and kicking sand, sending them flying to my friends who were reluctant to take their shoes off. Only one friend joined me in barefoot walking.

The stone wall was filled with people sitting leisurely and admiring the sea

People were either chatting or embracing the scenery. It was surprising to recall back that the digital age didn't matter when we are near the sea. Phones were stashed away and people weren't busy tweeting. I was however busy taking photos because I want to save a memory and share the photos with my friends.

The edge of the steep stone wall

I was sadden to be reminded by my OCD with negative thoughts of unexpectedly ending up in the sea for god knows what reasons. To add on a very vulnerable fact that I can't swim. But my butt was firm on the rough stone. >.<

The sea ahead, the sky was getting dark

Photos of the beach again because the previous wasn't clear

And again to 'snip' out the 2 people that was there before

I lay down on the stone wall

Inspired by others who were doing that. The stone was hard so my head wasn't exactly comfortable. If I was any cleaner, I wouldn't have lay down but nobody gets away clean from a visit to the beach!

The sky was beautiful and I felt really great lying under that piece of sky we never appreciate.

Attempting a shot to see if the photo is better without the few leaves

There's a moon in the sky!

Decision of a fishing rod was added to the photo because I doubt the moon photo will look great considering the quality of my camera. 

Talking about fishing, I'm not really into fishing considering the fish get struck in their cheeks by a sharp hook. It was cruel in a sense, cruel for a sport. Using a small net for fishing is much better though. But I shall not speak more in case I am guilty of the act of cruelty to fish too.

And I was "Oh my god! Sunset! Pretty!!!"

Noticing a photographic moment of my slippers at the beach

Feeling that the previous was a little blurred on my phone so I snapped a photo again, along with my friend's pants

The sky gets redder and redder and it was truly beautiful

It just so happened that we were facing the wrong side of the Earth.

I was covered by a reddish glow in the sky 360 degrees around me

That was when it occurred to me, the Earth is really round!

The moon shines brighter as the sky gets darker.

We leaved the place right around 7pm, after we get a nice view of the sunset for a brief moment.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Amy!

And that rounds up a successful A.C.J.Y. outing. :)

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