Monday, June 11, 2012


Omg I've just watched the movie. If the movie needs a rating, it's a 10/10. My focus is still not too shifted to the real world and I felt a little like I'm in a dream state. If I had watched this movie a year ago, I wouldn't have understood most of the concepts.

But I grasped the idea pretty well and let's just say things are not as it is seemed.

I have known for a while that the mind is powerful but the movie has shown me the mind is more powerful than it seems. If we played with it, we might be either trapped in a limbo, in a dream state forever or we started doubting the real world when we are truly awake. I have witness for myself how vivid my dreams can get and anything is a possibility, even a mundane life in dream. We used to think that dreams are irrational, dreams are weird, but no. The truth is dream can be as realistic as what you are experiencing now. The idea that our current reality now might be a dream is very frightening.

Let's get on the light side, I finally know what a totem is. I've heard someone who practice lucid dreaming mentioned it before. So it's an item that helps you differentiate between reality and dreams. An item that will function slightly different in dreams as compared to reality and you need to be very alert to notice that.

Actually there are instabilities in dreams which will aid you in differentiating between real world and dreams. But as I had said, you need to be very alert, something our unconscious and subconscious finds it very hard to attain.

Through my collection of my dreams, I had known that words look altered and I don't feel tired in a dream.

Back to the movie, the talk of an idea.

Yes an idea is infectious because it is planted in the head. It is planted in the thing that controls our very movements. Our minds. The most powerful and vulnerable thing in this world. Irony huh?

Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to not believe something you have believed in from young? Regardless it being the truth or myth. That doesn't matter. What matters is you believe it. I have been having thoughts that anything that was proofed correct with science can be proofed wrong too. They treat science as a certainty but there is no certainty. All certainties are created in your mind.

Okay, this is a very dangerous idea to explore. My mind is not mature enough to handle this kind of work. I can apprehend it but I cannot withstand it.

A round of applause for a movie well done. If anyone doesn't understand, I will be willing to explain.

Let me embrace this bliss again, regardless of truth or fake.

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