Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ex-Boyfriend Singapore Promo 2012

Bugis+ Atrium Level 2, 14th July 2012, 4pm
主要演員:黄志玮 李千娜 楊佑宁

I haven't been to an event for almost a year. When I first saw the news on Lee Chien Na's weibo, I didn't think much about it. I even thought that "Ex-Boyfriend" will be airing in Singapore on 14th July. It's only till the 13th July when I read another update on Chien Na's weibo did I realise she had arrived in Singapore.

I was set in a panic mode and I frantically Google for several keywords to find out the event's location. I wasn't her biggest fan. I got to know her by watching "Ex-Boyfriend" and she was here to promote "Ex-Boyfriend". I had been trapped at home for several days too so I was thinking "Why not?"

I ended up dragging my innocent friend along.

The event's location was at Bugis+, a new extension in Bugis junction I had never been before. The DJs appeared at 3:30pm and we were entertained by them for half an hour. They were preparing for stage games that were held later when the casts arrived.

Sad to say, the event attracted more passer-bys than their fans. But now that Chien Na had left, I really wish she would come again. I had been listening to her songs ever since she left last Sunday. The usual after effect of an event.

And then the clock strikes 4 and they appeared on stage one by one, I haven't been taking photos for a long time so most of the photos are blurred

I was mesmerised by her bangs the moment she appeared on stage

I didn't take much note of what they were saying because I was busy with my camera. But I noticed Chien Na carried a smile on her face most of the times. It was a pleasure to glance at her. :)

The three main casts dressing for the day

Jerry Huang is really tall but their height gaps look pretty normal so I was taken aback when I came up close to Chien Na later. She's the tallest female celebrity I had meet in real life. I'm a dwarf.

I'm really fortunate that she looked towards my direction frequently when Tony Yang was speaking, or else I would have been unable to capture a front shot



This is the clearest shot I have T.T

If this hadn't been blurred, it will be lovely

Oh look look!!! He's gonna snap a photo of us!

And I snapped a photo right back. :P



My friend's still outside waiting for me, I doubt he'll be interested in the autographed poster so I constantly ran to the back of the queue so I can still accompany him. 

They mentioned fans will be allowed to photograph with their idols on stage, I was stunned when I noticed the casts were sitting down behind the table and the fans were running all over the stage to get a photo with them. This is the first time I had ever seen an autograph session as lenient as this.

Throughout the whole queueing I was fretting who would help me to take a photo. When it was near my turn, they suddenly mentioned we were not allowed to take any more photos because of a rush in schedule. Fortunately they were still lenient about it. 

I spent a few good seconds looking left and right on the stage because I needed help. And to my surprise, I had so much space when I was in the middle of the stage that I could pace left and right. Jerry Huang was looking solemnly at the posters when I was on stage and Tony Yang was focused on his signing so I ended up walking pass both of them.

I wondered if Chien Na looked up. But I spoke in a really soft voice asking, “我可以和妳合照嗎?” I could barely hear myself but she immediately stood up and we leaned towards the middle of the table. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see her hair, I could feel she leaned pretty close to me. 

This is the photo and she's really gorgeous! I looked pale in comparison beside her. 

Gratitude to the person who helped me with the photo!

I kept my camera and I looked at her again. I stretched out my right hand and she was signing with her right hand. She looked at her left and right hands for a while, wondering what to do. I was expecting her to shake with her left hand but her respond caught me by surprise. Ended up she placed the marker down and clasped my hand with both hands.

I've never had such a sincere handshake from any artistes before. She thanked me before I could say anything. I thanked her back. I could feel the warmth from her hands after I turned and looked at Tony Yang who's beside her. I wanted to get a handshake from him but he's too engrossed so I left the stage with memories full of Chien Na and an autographed poster. :)

Here's a video I had taken!


July 15th

I managed to get their flight info from Chien Na's fan on weibo. I left for the airport alone and I was lost and confused. I found the check-in row for their flight but I started worrying whether had they reached. I noticed a new post by Chien Na at 10.10am.

And I brilliantly started googling for an old red mailbox in Singapore

When I was desperately poking my iPad with a wireless@SG account my friend had spared me, the fan who gave me the flight info came over and called me telling me they had reached. Thanks! :)

I managed to catch Chien Na's front view and she was wearing a mask. But her eyes were gorgeous and I was perplexed wondering did she had make-up on. She was pretty well dressed up with the blue jeans material jacket she had worn for 3 days, a shirt and black tights.

I was looking at them with a bunch of strangers I had never met before. I followed them to Bengawan Solo and I engaged in a random conversation with the other fans. They were excitedly asking for photos and autographs and I thought that one guy who wanted Chien Na's photo was her fan too. So I went forward and requested for a photo but I could only hear "Sorry..." and the rest were muffled to me. Someone told me later her assistant was saying she's sick and Chien Na repeated that she was sicked too. I guess my face must look pretty bad after hearing the respond.

Then ever since that I was worried I might have disturbed her. I don't usually request for anything when I went to send artistes off at the airport. This was the first for me. I apologised to her on her weibo and she said, "It's okay." An impression I have left I believe. 

We sent them to the gate, I didn't get a direct wave to Chien Na and we walked to the viewing gallery on the second floor but I was totally unable to spot them. I went for lunch later on with a new found friend and we spent the whole day chatting. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore Battlestar Galactica Cylon Ride

I spent the day at USS to celebrate my mother's birthday. She managed to get cheap tickets for all of us because it coincidentally happened to be her company's family day too. The night before I was not in the mood for any roller coaster rides. The thought of it made me unhappy. 想到就難過哎。

I started the day off with mild rides, two junior roller coasters, one in the form of a dragon and the other where your legs were dangling in the air. Enchanted airways and canopy flyer respectively.

I alighted the second with legs slightly jelly because I had height phobia and the pace of the ride was decent enough for me to enjoy the scenery.

The day continued with "Revenge of the Mummy" indoor roller coaster. I've taken it twice the previous times I came so I figured the third time wouldn't be that bad. I had a magical chant for myself to reduce some fear. "This thing will be over in 5 minutes. This thing will be over in 5 minutes." It didn't exactly lasted 5 minutes and the ride was shorter than the first time I took it. I happened to get a little adrenaline rush from the drop so I decided to attempt the 2nd most thrilling ride in the theme park.

Things didn't turn to our favour and lightning were spotted near the area. The ride was closed so that means another trip to the indoor roller coaster as we wait. During the ride, my cousin told me twice to "wake up" because I have a habitual sleeping pattern when I'm on the ride. Our photos were taken during the ride and my expression was always the same with my head bent down.

We ran back to the 2nd most thrilling ride and was "delighted" to find that the ride was open again. My cousin ran inside and I tagged along. Thinking I should at least try it since I have summoned up that teeny bit of courage. We were met with a technical fault again (the previous once was at the indoor roller coaster) when we were second in line.

The ride was closed down and we were given priority queue to Battlestar Galactica Cylon. 

Now that's madness.

I wasn't willing but my cousins were already in line. In fact I wasn't give too much time to think. I know I need to attempt one of the thrilling rides to exit the theme park victorious but I only had one choice now. Before I could weigh my chances, I was already in line and the ride arrived in minutes. Everyone settled down readily and I took some time figuring where should I place my glasses (not too willing to place it on the dirty floor but I was told to take them out and my slippers before the ride starts). That goes to show how "aggressive" the ride was if my glasses are not even allowed.

When I turned my head around, everyone was already seated and I sat down like a blind mice. I couldn't see the fastener clearly so I needed my cousin's help to fasten up my seat belt. The crew came to give us a final push to tighten the safety harness.

We lifted off and the camera captured our looks mere moments before we advanced upwards. My face was sour.

We went on a upwards slope and the moment we were near the top, I closed my eyes. I spent the rest of the ride with my eyes closed. Just mere moments into the ride, I could feel my body turning left and right and overflipping. After a while I lost count of how many times I overflipped, I only knew my head was tossed to the right when I was feeling so comfortable having it on the left.

The speed wasn't scary to me because it was constantly fast and smooth too. Having wind gushing against my bare feet is awesome. Getting flipped upside down isn't awesome but I really can't tell after the first turn. I don't feel any adrenaline rush probably because my eyes were closed.

When the ride slowed down, I knew it ended. It was barely a minute. I opened my eyes and I honestly thought I was upside down but after a while I realised I was the right side up. The ride had made my body felt disorientated.

When the safety harness lifted up, I noticed what the side effect was. My arms and legs were literally jelly. I didn't had the strength to push the harness up or even lifted myself out of the seat. I toppled over to the pillar at the side where my glasses and slippers were.

So that marks the end of the most "exciting" roller coaster ride I had taken to date.

Not including the side effects of muscleache the next day. My aunty explained that it was most likely due to my body tensing up during the ride. I had a hunch the air pressure against us during the ride was bad for us in the long run too. I wasn't intended to take that many roller coaster rides but I wanted to sit down and I didn't want to waste the ticket.

The End.